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Gift From The Gaming Gods.

Submitted by: El Even


A student and a keen believer of the law of attraction.


It has been 3 years now since the first time I came across this amazing book called “The Secret”. I believe it is the best thing that has ever happened to me. It opened the door to all amazing things that have happened in my life afterwards. I am a keen believer of the law of attraction. All I know is that it has made me more powerful than I ever was before. I would like to share a story of faith, faith that I have in my thoughts and the LOA. To some of you, it might seem a bit kidish but that is what I am. So here it goes.

I was a high school student when I had my first encounter with video games. I had a basic laptop that belonged to my father on which I used to game casually. Slowly, I developed an interest in video games. Then it was in my college when I bought a laptop of my own and it was an entry level so I could play games on it. As time passed, I started to develop more and more love towards gaming. I started playing every classic game that I could, just trying to experience the best of the pieces ever made.

There were money problems in my house. We had loans and stuff so I was in a situation where I had to compromise on even the smallest of things. For example, I could not even afford a rented room near my college, I had to travel many miles every day by bus. All I could do was save around 10 or 20 bucks in a couple of days and that too when I would not eat the whole day, then I would save that money. I would go and buy games only to learn that my hardware was unable to run it. I started studying about computer hardware and stuff and since I was learning about software at college, I had a lot of knowledge about computers. With all of that in my mind, I believed that I really deserved to have a setup at my house on which I could play my games.

So one night I decided to make a list of all the things I required to build a PC. I estimated the price and I learned that I could make a decent PC with 60k. Now came the challenge. I gave myself 5 months to get 60k.

I made a small notebook in which I would regularly write ” I own a Gaming PC “. I did it every day. I watched videos of my desired setup. I was struggling every day with the problems I had. Initially, I could find no source of money and I would get upset at times. I felt like it was not going to happen but then again, I would bounce back and start practicing again. I believed that somehow the Universe was going to help me.

Then one day, I got an online job and I started getting money from there. I also won a quiz competition in my college. By the end of the third month, I had 30k in my account. I was halfway there with the help of the online company I was working with. I kept working very hard, both on my studies and on earning money. By this time the financial problems at my house were solved. We were getting better than ever financially. So, I asked my father to help me with the PC to which he agreed. He said he would give me 15k. At the start of the fourth month, I now had 50k and knew that the other 10k could also be arranged now.

A few days later, my uncle called and asked me what I wanted for a gift for my birthday and I told him about my plan. So he gave me 20k more which meant I now had 70k! That was even more than I had planned to get and in a shorter time as well.

I bought all the components and with the help of a guy from a local computer store, I built my own computer. It works wonderfully and I play games on it perfectly and in the best quality. I also scored in an A+ in my college grades. All I know is that it was a gift from the Universe for my faith.

P.S. I had written “I own a Gaming PC ” a total of 700 times in my notebook!

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