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From The Verge Of Homelessness And Poverty.

Submitted by: KT


I suffer from various chronic illnesses that cripple me at times and prevent me from living an optimal life. I am in the process of picking myself up, getting retrained into more suitable professions, and learning about spirituality and Energy Healing!


I suffered from chronic illnesses for decades and watched helplessly as my life collapsed around me. Underemployment and unemployment wrecked my finances, and my bank balance dived into deficit. Looking at the figure in red, I crumpled to the floor and sobbed uncontrollably and had a panic attack. The gravity of the situation sank into me. I was on the verge of homelessness and poverty!

I read The Secret and initially, remembered scoffing, “Yeah, right!”. I was a staunch Christian then, who had devoted decades to bible studies and voluntary work in the church. I considered everything that wasn’t endorsed by the church or the bible to be “demonic”.

Gradually, I thought, “What’s the harm in trying this out? It’s not as if I’ll lose anything more than I already have!” I couldn’t be more wrecked than I already was at that time.

Motivated by what I had read in The Secret about the law of attraction, I started to declare affirmations every morning. Initially, I didn’t believe any of it, and started my affirmations and intentions through gritted teeth and tears! Gradually, my daily habit of declaring my affirmations and intentions took on more positivity. After all, what could I lose that I hadn’t already lost? I meditated with Deepak Chopra’s ‘Guided Meditation’, attended ‘Crystal Meditation’ classes, and framed everything I practiced in the ‘Ask, Believe and Receive’ concept.

I initially put out the intention for $500,000 but I laughed at and mocked my preposterous audacity, “Yeah, where’s that going to come from? Fall from the skies?” So, I foolishly thought, “OK, how about $400,000 then? That will help me purchase my first home and save me from the threat of homelessness forever!”

I started to carry my vision board around mentally, in my head. I asked for very specific features in my modest first apartment home. It had to be: One of the largest 1-bedroom units I had seen and within the $400K price range; have a storage and study area; have a decent-sized balcony so I could have a little garden, a swing chair, a meditation nook where I could gaze up at the skies even from my living room; a large-ish kitchen with an island counter; and a spacious shower stall. I wanted an apartment in a compound where it would feel like I was checking into a resort each day I return homes from work. I started practising “Ask. Believe. Receive!” in October of that year.

Before that year ended, I received $400,000, deposited into my bank account, manifested in a very miraculous manner that completely took my breath away! All I did was this: I asked. I believed. And, I received!!!

Fast forward to the present moment. I found a lovely apartment that was in a compound with lovely palm trees and a lap pool, so yes, returning home every day felt like checking into a resort! I had the largest 1-bedroom apartment I saw, amongst all that I checked out. I have a balcony garden with a swing chair and a meditation nook, a large-ish kitchen with an island counter, a spacious shower stall, and yup, a store and study room was attached! And yes, the balcony is large enough that I can recline in my living room couch and look at the skies, the moon, and the stars!

Everything that I had asked for, materialized for me!

I share The Secret with friends and even with strangers since my astounding miracle. When I started, I’d weep and give my gratitude, and say my affirmations and intentions through gritted teeth, but now, the law of attraction has become an intrinsic part of my life! I continue to manifest regularly now. I’m still grappling with health issues, and am retraining for new professions due to physical limitations, but I have so much gratitude and hope now! Everything I need and desire, I simply have to: Ask. Believe. Receive! Thank you!

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