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  • Submitted by: Charlie Mukasa Luyinda
  • Date Posted: Jun 9, 2017
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From Nothing To Something!

Charlie Mukasa Luyinda

Mukono, Uganda

I am a young married guy with a beautiful wife and 2 kids, working as Web Technologist and Farmer.

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From Nothing To Something!

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank my wife Norah, who shared The Secret with me at a time I needed it so, so much! I also want to thank The Secret team for all you have done to bless our lives.

I live in Uganda, a third world country where making it in life is not easy at all. A few years back I was struggling financially, though I considered myself to be an average, happy person. Work was not good as I had very few customers. My relationship with my immediate family members was not good as they did not trust me with money and the way I was conducting my life. Educating my children was a problem, feeding my family, dressing them and everything, was a mess.

When my wife introduced The Secret to me I watched the video and was blown away. This is what I needed! I believed it so much, I read The Secret, The Power, The Magic and followed the stories online and they encouraged me a lot. I believed so much in The Secret that I had my wife worried that I am believing it a little too much! But this I ignored and I just kept practicing the teachings.

Fast forward. A few weeks, months and years went by and I did not have major significant break through until 2014. That was when stuff begun to really happen. September 2014 I got a contract for some web development work with a top entertainment club in Uganda. It is a club that I am still working for up to now and I am paid good money for this.

This was followed by a number of contracts. Because I was making good money I was able to invest in farming and I am now one of the country’s biggest organic passion fruit farmers. I am currently harvesting about a half a ton of passion fruit per week and I am going to make it to two tonnes per week by the end of 2017. This has given me a lot of financial freedom as I can very easily and comfortably take care of my family.

Lastly am in a good relationship with my close relatives and I am helping my brother build his luxurious house in the countryside and I am doing it so well. I will be starting to build my dream house in December 2016. That is sooner than I thought I would ever be able to begin. I will come back to tell you guys of the lovely experience because I am sure I am going to have it done and in the shortest time.

I also want to tell you that giving also has helped me a lot in attaining my financial freedom.

Ask, believe and you will receive. That is what I encourage you to do.


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