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For It Is In Giving That We Receive.

Submitted by: Kayleigh Atlas


I’m a 23 year old full-time backpacker!


I saw something on The Secret website one day saying ‘Whenever you give money away it will come back to you multiplied’. I am a 23 year old full time backpacker! I had not seen my parents for nearly a year because I have been travelling and they are at home in England, and I wanted to do something nice for them for a long time. So I decided to transfer $100 into my mum’s bank account and book her and dad a table at a local restaurant. They were both so grateful, mum even cried. Anyway, that week I received $256 out of the blue. The money came to me. I did not seek any of it and this had never happened to me before. I received in $110 tips at my work in one night, when I had never been tipped before at this job as tipping isn’t a big thing here in Australia. I found $6 on a pool table in a pub, then a local man approached me and asked if I could walk his dogs for some money. I love dogs and I have been looking after them for free along in my travels. We agreed for him to pay me $10 for each walk. I walked them 3 times before I had to leave and he randomly gave me $100. Then my boss asked me to mop the floor because someone had left footprints on it that day, which had never happened before, and $50 fell out of the mop bucket! Whaaaat! Insane. This all happened in one week! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Anyway, I decided to carry on travelling and then got another new job to save some money for my travels to New Zealand. I had not received any money out of the blue since that week, until one day when I decided to give away $15 to a woman who rescues dogs. The next day I found exactly $30, double what I gave away, on the floor at work. I chased down the customers who had previously sat where I had found the money and told them they had dropped their money on the floor. The two men proceeded to open their wallets, looked at their cash, looked back at me and said ‘No we haven’t’ and then they continued on their way. Incredible!

Hopefully this will encourage us to give a little more! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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