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Food for the Mind

Submitted by: Alvin Jay Bondoc Galban, RN

Pampanga, Philippines

I am Registered Nurse here in the Philippines, and I love my life!


I have read the book “The Secret” but I just had the opportunity of watching the film version recently. Because I was so into the philosophy of creation and attraction that the key idea of the book and the film suggest, I also made it a point to read the reading materials that were suggested by the Author, Ms. Rhonda Byrne, and one of which includes “The Master Key System” by Charles F. Haanel. Now, in the seventh chapter of the book, the weekly mental exercise that was suggested is to visualize having a conversation with a friend. I wanted to challenge myself so I opted to visualize a conversation with a friend whom I have not seen for a couple of months. To add more fun and excitement for this activity, I visualized the conversations taking place inside my dream home (this house is not yet in existence, except of course inside my mind).

In our country, hospitality is a revered practice. So during the first “conversation” I offered my friend a trip to the kitchen. At that point of my mental activity, the visualization was so intense and felt so real that basically, it is sufficient to say that actually, anything goes! To show my hospitality, I offered my friend something to eat, and when I opened the fridge, there was a container filled with ice cream. I pictured the ice cream to be pure white and to taste so good. And so, for the first night, the mental activity seemed to have gone great.

The next day, I was standing outside watching the clouds go by because I virtually have nothing to do for the whole day. Then suddenly I heard my nephew calling me and telling me that his mother bought some ice cream. Of course I was thrilled, but I admit I was also a little doubtful at the same time. When I came over to their place, the ice cream was there on the table, and what’s amazing is it is macapuno flavored! Macapuno flavor comes in pure white. At that moment I told myself, “Coincidences can happen, though…”

That night I decided to give the concept of eating ice cream another shot, but this time I changed the flavor. I visualized a green ice cream, and to make it more difficult I imagined it to be avocado flavor (avocado flavored ice cream is not a common entry in almost any Filipino’s shopping list, even if we are in a tropical country). So the visualized conversation went on, and of course the ice cream was there again. So for the second time, my mental activity went on smoothly.

The next day, I was working on something on my computer when another nephew called me. He told me that his papa brought home some ice cream. This time I was really doubtful because there is NO WAY that anybody would pick avocado flavor versus other common favorites like chocolate or vanilla. But when I saw the ice cream, it was all green, and it really was avocado flavor (right at that moment I thought I heard the ice cream scream, “YES WAY!” to me). But again, I told myself, “Even lightning can strike twice in the same place.”

The next night I decided to drop the picture of the ice cream. I changed the food that me and my friend were eating, and I visualized eating spaghetti instead. Even with two ice cream incidents I was really doubtful, so I wasn’t that enthusiastic about the prospect of eating spaghetti out from nowhere. So for a couple of days, nothing special happened. Until one night, I decided to put some more effort to it. So I visualized eating spaghetti with a lot of cheese and meat pieces, while talking to my friend.

The next day, I awoke with a very light feeling. I was sure that day was nothing special so there is absolutely no way that anybody in our house would cook spaghetti. After assuring that I can not cheat on any way with this vision, I visualize all the friends and acquaintances that I have not seen for quite some time because they are all busy. Amazingly throughout the day, I received text messages or online messages from these people, and what was more amazing really is that I actually had the chance of meeting most of them at church (which actually is a very rare occasion because they usually attend masses at other churches, not in the church that I always go to). By night time, I totally forgot about the spaghetti, so I decided to bury myself working to update my resume. Suddenly my mother came home bringing a plate of spaghetti! Apparently, one of my cousins gave it to her (and my cousin actually just received that plate of spaghetti from her acquaintance which we have no relation with, and since she did not feel like eating it, she gave it to my mother instead). This time, I was more thrilled than being doubtful. When I examined the spaghetti, it was the one I visualized! Full of meat and cheese! And at that moment, I cannot say anything but, “OH my God!”. There was no mistaking it, that was my spaghetti!

Now I have no more traces of doubt in me. If I attracted the small things like the food, it is more possible to attract bigger things! I did not just receive food for the body, but I feel like I received more food for my mind and soul. So right now, I am just so thrilled and excited to be living inside my dream house! I have tasted its food already, no doubt I will experience living in it next.

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