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  • Submitted by: Komal sandhu
  • Date Posted: Mar 19, 2017
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Finding The Perfect Job.

Komal sandhu

Assistant Professor of Law.

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Finding The Perfect Job.

I found The Secret in June 2014 after a reference from a friend. After reading through it I found The Magic. My whole family is going through it and I am practicing it and cultivating a habit of being thankful for everything I have as a blessing from God. I am being thankful for all the happiness in my life and I have got the best parents, family and education.

What I wanted was just a regular job, as I had a visitor faculty job at that time. I was thankful for that job as I knew that there were many well educated people at present that were without any  job. I was feeling really thankful for that job, and I was also seeing myself in a permanent job and getting the status of the regular faculty.

One day to my surprise, I got an interview letter for a job that was the best and most suitable for me! And just one month later I got an offer as an assistant professor on a salary package that was far better than I had even expected!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, God, for all the happiness and wonderful experiences of The Secret and The Magic!

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