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  • Date Posted: Jun 2, 2017
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Finally Free From My Mind.



A girl in love with life and the Universe.

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Finally Free From My Mind.

I ordered something online from a US company on a Saturday. However, their app messed up and charged me extra for the shipping method. I did not choose that shipping method, instead I chose to have the order ship for free. I wrote to their customer service immediately, expecting to hear back from them on Monday. Yet when I woke up this morning, not only had I not heard back from them, the order had also been shipped, so I wrote to them again. All day long I had been thinking about it, even when I went shopping with my mum and bought a beautiful jacket. I just could not take my mind off of it.

I decided to just let go. There was really nothing I could do about it, not at least till it was working hours for them, so I stopped thinking about it so much. When it popped into my head, I would ask God and the Universe for it to go well when I called them and then I relaxed.

Guess what? I called them and they said that they would cancel the charges and I should be seeing them on my credit card bill at the end of the month. I was so relieved! Thank you God and thank you to the Universe! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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