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  • Date Posted: Jun 12, 2017
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Feel The Love.



A girl who is getting better in understanding The Secret, feeling The Power of love, and being grateful for all The Magic in life.

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Feel The Love.

Greetings to everyone.

First of all I would love to thank everyone who has submitted their stories here. Thank you so much because all your stories have inspired and motivated me to keep believing. Thank you so much to Ms. Rhonda Bryne and the entire team of The Secret for their dedication in spreading this valuable message to the world.

I first read The Secret a few years ago. I loved the message being delivered by the book and believed in the LOA but I never really put in any effort in practicing it. Last year I befriended a guy and our friendship started to grow. We spend so much time together and even our friends noticed how close we were. I was so happy whenever I was with him and I noticed that I had developed some kind of feelings for him. This is when my insecurities kicked in. I started to doubt my feelings and his as well.

Looking back on those days even though it was just a few months ago, I see how negative I was. My crush is a good guy and he has always been there for me whenever I needed him. Yet I was so blind to see all of that and just took him for granted. I was blinded by my own insecurities and doubt. Then, our relationship began to deteriorate and I begin to panic. I talked about my problems with my best friend but I didn’t realize what I did was wrong. I was complaining and focusing on things that I did not want. Well, the Universe heard it all and said, “Your wish is my command.”

After our friendship deteriorated I was in terrible mood swings almost to the point of depression. Then, I realized it is time for me to read The Magic and follow all the practices seriously. I began to count my blessings daily and be grateful for everything. I started to feel better. After I finished following the practices for 28 days I feel like I am another person. I have learned to forgive myself for being so negative. Every day I feel light and content. I have this warm feeling inside of me and I notice I am smiling wherever I go. I couldn’t believe that an insecure person like me can feel so secure now.

As for my feelings for my crush, I learned to accept them and not fear them or fight them. I just let go and found myself liking him more and more every day. Even though we are not as close as we used to be anymore, I am not afraid of the outcome. I don’t know what will happen or if we will end up to be together but I am grateful for our friendship. I am grateful for the feelings that I had for him. For me, being able to feel the love for someone else is a kind of blessing, too.

Thank you to everyone that is reading my story. I would just like to say that our job is to let go of our worries and enjoy our every day life. The Universe will take care of our needs and always brings the best things to us. I hope everyone will be living the life of their dreams and I love you all.

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