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Feel It, Love It, Believe It.

Submitted by: Amanda


32 years old. Happy wife, fur mother and therapy provider in long term care.


I am a long time LOA believer and I have a beautiful life. Three years ago I had a career, I was marrying my best friend and we were shopping for our first home. I happily accepted a temporary position from the organization I worked for and thought life couldn’t get better. That’s what I thought anyways. The position I took was stressful. I was overworked and had no support from management. I became unhappy and negative, and guess what? That was what my life became. I ended up losing my job and the unhappiness and negativity snowballed. I was unemployed and depressed. My marriage was suffering and I just kept on with those negative feelings.

I finally found a casual position and gained back some positive thoughts and feelings, but it was just OK. And the Universe reflected that in my life. It was OK. I finally found regular work and began gaining confidence and positive feelings. But those negative feelings kept creeping in. I hit rock bottom when I realized I had somehow lost or spent my savings for a down payment on a home. That was when I realized I had to find the positive frequencies in my life again. I had to be the happy, living, caring, thriving, successful person I was just 3 years ago. I had to appreciate my blessings and my finances and my relationships to gain more of that in my life. I had to be happy and excited and goal oriented. I knew I had attract that money back to my life as my husband and I were house shopping again. I couldn’t tell him I had somehow spent what I had saved.

So then I believed that the money would come back into my life when it was time to purchase our home. I felt it, gave thanks for it and I appreciated it. And the guilt for my mistakes disappeared. I became a better, happier, loving woman and the money fell right into place! It manifested right in front of my eyes just as I hoped and believed!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you dear Universe! Keep feeling, believing and loving!

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