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Falling In Love With Me.

Submitted by: Blissful with life


I am a mom of a wonderful 12 year old. I work as a recruiter. I enjoy meditation, exercise and reading.


It’s time to share my story even though I know it’s not over yet. For many years, I lacked confidence and suffered from anxiety and minor depression. I didn’t realize that I wasn’t giving love to myself. So I entered into relationships thinking that the other person would make me happy instead of making myself happy first. I spent 6 years with a man who verbally abused me and ultimately cheated on me. Then I met my husband and thought life would be perfect. I missed so many red flags and spent 16 years with a functioning alcoholic and narcissist. He had me convinced I couldn’t do anything on my own. I had stayed home with our daughter for a few years and then worked outside of my field, so I lost confidence in getting back into a career that paid well.

Luckily I discovered The Secret in 2007. I began to watch it, read the books and slowly incorporate it into my life. Unfortunately I let my relationship hardships consume me so I didn’t focus on attracting positive circumstances enough. However, when The Secret movie came to Netflix, I began to watch it as much as possible, sometimes twice in a day. I also read an Al-anon book and realized that I had to take care of my daughter and myself with regards to my husband’s drinking.

I began to fall in love with me. I began to manage my anxiety through meditation and positive self talk. Depression is no longer a part of my life. By 2017, I was feeling strong on my path of what I expected from our marriage, which ultimately led my husband to ask for a divorce. I was terrified about finding a good job but ultimately got back into my field making a very good wage so I could move out with my daughter.

Along the way, I met a nice man and it was the last thing I was expecting, but we fell in love. He’s absolutely gorgeous and the kindest man I have ever known, besides my dad. He’s taken on my daughter as his own and his family welcomed me into their lives immediately. His mom is already calling my daughter her granddaughter. The best part is, like me, he practices the law of attraction. He now follows The Secret since I introduced him to it.

About 6 months ago, I finally downloaded The Secret To Money app. Shortly after that, I was laid off from my job only a year after getting into my field. At first, I was upset but quickly realized it was happening for a reason. I knew that there was something better for me. Within 2 weeks I had a better job with awesome benefits and I got a huge pay increase! I cried with joy after they offered me the position for $10K a year more than I was expecting.

I am excited every day to see what miracles await me. I know that if it can happen for me, it can happen for anyone. You just have to believe. Thank you, Rhonda, and thank you to the entire team of The Secret!

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