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Your Faith Is Stronger Than Your Problems!

Submitted by: eternal optimist


I am girl in my late 20s living in a metro city in India.


I am writing this story for people who have lost hope, are feeling hopeless or think that they will never get out of a similar situation. I am writing this to reiterate the faith of anyone or everyone who feels stuck. Believe me, not so long ago I too was feeling the same way. So here’s my story.

Seven months back I had suddenly left my job of 3 years. I wasn’t very happy there; the work environment was very demanding and not pleasant at all. I was thinking about leaving for a long time but couldn’t gather the confidence and courage to leave a well paying job. The thought of uncertainty kept haunting me, it was more because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do next. My experience in the job made me question my choice of entering the industry.

One day something inside me snapped and I couldn’t take it anymore and typed my resignation. My family was against about my decision. I don’t blame them as they come from a generation where job security was everything and leaving a job just because you weren’t happy was a concept which was alien to them.

After leaving the job I didn’t wanted to jump into another job so I took a break for a few months. I was enjoying my break and I never regretted my decision. I was extremely happy for the first two months and during that break I also met someone special and I was on cloud nine. But after 2 months, things started to change. I updated my resume and started looking for jobs but I was unable to find something good. I even took up some short term projects.

Four months after leaving my job, for the first time I was feeling really low. I didn’t give up and started looking for a job actively after that. During the entire 5th month I gave interviews but none of them converted. Some of them did agree with me but the pay they were giving me was way less than what I was getting. During the 6 month of giving interviews, all my interviewers told me I was not going to get what I was expecting since there was now a gap in my career. I was shocked because honestly the gap wasn’t that much  and I knew I was good at my work.

Slowly self doubt and low self esteem started creeping in. My family members also started poking me and reminding me that they told me that leaving the job was not a good idea, but I never listen. I reduced my conversation with friends and family to a bare minimum because I every time I would meet with someone, their first question was “What are you doing these days?” and I am not a very good liar.

I was in my room one day and started crying because I felt helpless, I didn’t know what to do. What was going wrong? While crying I remembered about The Secret. I wiped my tears and went online to watch The Secret movie. Only 15 minutes into the movie I stopped crying and realized what was going on. I was constantly worried about rejection hence it was rejection I that was coming back to me. I made a list the kind of job I was looking for and every day I would to read that list aloud. I also made an offer letter and kept mailing it to myself every day. Many interviews came after that none of them replied immediately. I was practicing now for awhile but nothing was happening.

I was getting worried so to calm myself I started meditating and listening to spiritual videos. They really helped me and made me realize I was too attached to the result. The only thing I should pay attention to was my giving my best effort and my belief towards my higher power. I stopped worrying and wrote down the date of my joining and my salary. Every morning I would repeat that I had the job with the amount of salary I had mentioned, watched spiritual videos and meditated.

The day before “The date” I was at my friend’s house and I received a call from a company I had interviewed with the month before. They offered me a job with the exact amount of salary I had asked for, along with a much higher designation. I was amazed when I received the call because the day had practically ended and I never thought someone would call to offer me a job way after working hours. I couldn’t believe it! I was absolutely thrilled!

I would like to extended sincere thanks to all the people who write here. You have no idea how helpful and inspiring these stories are. Please continue to share your experiences and your love of inspiring and motivating others. Thank you, thank you, thank you  you so much to the Universe, Rhonda, The Secret, mediation, my spiritual mentor and all the videos that helped me to maintain my balance during this period.

For all those who have not achieved or received what they want, please do not stop believing! I know things may not seem too good but have faith. Things will start falling in place once you surrender. All will come! Ask for signs from the Universe, believe me, it responds. Faith can move mountains!

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