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  • Submitted by: Rita Mao
  • Date Posted: Jun 9, 2017
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Everything And More!

Rita Mao


A girl who used to be struggling but now feels blessed every single day. I found my Bible of Life, the Secret. After I read and applied the Secret, my life changed completely.

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Everything And More!

I first got to know The Secret when I was in college and it was the most convincing thing I had ever learned. I started to realize why my life was the way it was. Since then I stopped complaining and tried to work on myself. I became a happy girl again.

During my stay for a program in San Francisco, CA in the U.S.A, I had some hard times and with faith I got through all that.In order to make myself strong enough, I turned to The Secret. Then I found The Power, The Magic and Hero. When something went wrong, I knew I could change the situation. Yes, I did it all by myself with The Power of love and gratitude. Actually I got even more than I expected. I made the greatest friends in San Francisco, had an amazing time travelling around the U.S.A. and even met my first love. I got everything I wanted and more.

Afterwards I came back to China for family and work. I had a hard time finding a good apartment in the city of Guangzhou. After several failures I got frustrated and decided to stop searching. Instead I took a little time and worked on myself, trying to imagine what I wanted. I thanked the Universe for being generous with me. For giving me an apartment in a great location near a particular subway station that is the transfer station of two of the most important and convenient lines. Also in a great neighborhood, clean and quiet, higher floor and good views out of the window. And with reasonable rent of course!

Guess what? I spotted a post on a website the next day and I got my dream apartment! I could move in almost right away. I was so surprised that the apartment, which is where I am living and typing this story, is exactly the way I imaged. Great neighbors, awesome location with supermarkets nearby and an amazing environment with birds singing in the morning. The first ray of sunshine comes in from the big window on the second and top floor with a good view of the plants and beautiful sky. A very nice landlord and reasonable rent. And guess what else? I changed my job and my workplaces and my two new jobs just happen to be just 5 and 6 stops away by subway from my place!

The Universe knows you the best and always gives you everything and more, as long as you believe. I am very grateful that I know The Secret at a young age and now on my journey of Hero. Because of this knowledge and faith I dare to dream. I dare to care. I dare to do and I dare to receive with gratitude and joy. Thank you, thank you to all! Now make it my habit to read The Secret stories here to start my day and there is nothing more beautiful than beginning the day with pure love. Thank you!

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