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Every Miracle Is Coming My Way!

Submitted by: Tasha


22 year old Dancer turned Law student and avid LOA believer!


Hello everyone! I want to thank everyone who posts their inspiring stories on here, I have been so inspired that I wanted to write my own!

I found The Secret in June last year. I had gone through a very turbulent time in my love life. Hopeful that the guy I was dating for a while would be the person he fooled me into believing that he was, it turned out that he was two-timing me. He was trying to emotionally manipulate me and the other girl he was seeing and he ended up being horrid to me for a long time. It was safe to say that that year was not the time of my life! However, I had some great new friends that helped me through it. Everything I said to my friends about what I thought the guy was up to or what he may do during the time I was seeing him, happened! Good and bad! They often joked by saying ‘Tasha you’re a witch, you are magic!’ and we laughed it off, but it left me confused as to how I could predict these good and bad outcomes.

I found The Secret shortly after the toxic relationship ended and then everything made sense! It was fantastic! I felt that everything in my life reflected what I was told by The Secret. I finally felt I was in control of my own destiny and could build the life I wanted, step by step in my mind.

I began to think of the time when I was just 12. My best friend had moved to New York and I remember daydreaming about living there so we could go to school together and for me to live in a new, exciting place. I willed it to happen so much inside my head. About 18 months later my Dad, out of the blue, said to my Mum and I, ‘I ran into an old work colleague who offered me a job in New York. Do you think I should take the job, do you think we should move there?’ And we did live there for a while! At the time I couldn’t believe my dream had actually come true and I was in awe of how something so far from the reality I was made to believe, could happen.

After watching The Secret, I then started to visualize having someone to take to my sister’s wedding, which was less than 3 months away. I visualized them being kind, warm, honest and caring and introducing them to all my family and friends at the party of the wedding. I also visualized meeting them before my parents went on holiday for two weeks, so that when I was house sitting we could meet up and no one would be invading my personal space while I was trying to get to know someone. I am quite private about dating. Then it happened just like that!

I am still with him now. We met just before my parents went on their holiday, so we had our own space. A month or so later he asked me to be his girlfriend and told me that he loved me, and my sister invited him to the wedding. I introduced him to my family and friends and everyone was excited to meet him just as I had imagined! I am still with this gorgeous man now, over a year later and I am so grateful for him in my life. I tell him and the Universe this very often!!

Although I have had ups and downs in my life since finding The Secret, I am still grateful every day for all that I have and I have never lost faith in the power of the law of attraction. I am currently working on attracting more wealth into my life for my family and I. I also am remaining positive and manifesting my career and university degree success!

Anything is possible if you just believe it and trust that the Universe has got your back. When you do it is all yours! Thank you for reading this and I know everything you desire is coming your way.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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