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Enlightenment on the Past

Submitted by: Heather S.

Sierra Madre, CA

I am 24 years old and just coasting through life.


I am new to The Secret (relatively), as I only viewed it for the first time around mid-December of last year (2006). Before I begin my short stories on how The Secret has affected my life so far, I wish to give you all a brief history on how the Secret came into my and my family’s life(lives).

My mother heard about The Secret from one of the people she works with – someone whom she’d never spoken to before that fateful day. He told her about how much it’s changed his life and how he’d watched it a good 50 times over. He handed her the dvd and she watched it soon after she got home from work. After she returned it to it’s original owner, she almost immediately ordered a copy for herself, her friend, and her older sister. She sat me and my sister on the couch to watch it one night. Amazingly, after only about 15 minutes into the movie, I could already feel my life begin to change for the better. I felt incredibly enlightened and I knew that my life would never be the same. I am very spiritual — not in a religious way — and have always felt life is what you make of it; I just never knew to what extent that simple phrase could go. But that dvd alone showed me the truth of it all. Life CAN be wonderful! Everyone CAN find TRUE happiness if they only wanted it bad enough and lived as if they didn’t know anything else.

Now, on to my little stories of change. ^_^

I remember that one guy on The Secret who spoke of getting great parking spaces whenever he wanted. That made me smile with intrigue. I planned on that being my first “test” to see if The Secret would work for me. The next day after watching the dvd, as I was driving up to Wal Mart, I visualized a parking spot close to the entrance. I desired that spot with all my being and focused entirely on it until I pulled into the parking area. Low-and-behold, a car parking very close to the entrance pulled out of it’s spot the second I came down the lane it was in. I was so shocked. As soon as I parked, I smiled and nodded my head… I knew my faith in The Secret would be everlasting from that moment on.

Since that day, I have been thinking about my past… about how the law of attraction has applied itself to my life. Let me tell you: it ALL came together and made perfect sense. My car, my job, my depression, the people I know, my psyche… I brought it all to me without even knowing it. Most of those things I listed are not entirely good aspects. My old car was a hunk of junk and I needed a new one. I laughed half-heartedly about how my next car would probably be just as crappy. Well… while that didn’t happen to that extent, my current car has it’s quirks. I think my desires met somewhere in the middle when it came to my car. I REALLY wanted a good car… but I also had an incling somewhere in my heart that I would get a crappy car. So perhaps the Universe compromised. For that, I am grateful.

The Universe has helped me find a well-suited job. I really dislike my current job and have wanted a new one for years. I just never had enough motivation to look. Even before I saw The Secret, I began sending my resume all over job search sites in hopes I’d land something. While I did get some interviews, they were not what I was looking for. I began to doubt if I’d ever find a decent job. Then, I saw The Secret. I took in the words they were saying when they spoke of everyone needing to believe they are worth having anything they desired. I knew I lacked in that department BIG time and that needed to change pronto. So, I changed my mind set into having more faith in myself. I began repeating in my head that I “WOULD find a new and better job” and that I “DESERVED to have a well-paying job.” About a month later, I recieved a call from a tutoring agency asking me for an interview. It went very well and I’m currently taking the steps to complete the hiring process. They pay splendidly and I’ll be earning it doing something I can enjoy. ^_^ Thank you SO much, Universe! *bows*

I’ll end my story on one final occurance. I have worked at my current job for 6 years and have never really been happy with it. The pay is beyond lousy and I have received little respect for my hard work. Being that I was so miserable almost every day I came to work, that energy radiated off of me and effected everyone around me. Managers would get cross with me for the littlest things and others would hardly talk to me. After seeing The Secret, I realized that I needed to change my persona in order to change the way life at work was going to be. So, the next work day after watching the dvd, I came to work with a smile on my face and gratitude in my heart. What a change that made! My fellow employees greeted me with sincere smiles and never got angry with me. I’m sure they felt the new energy I was giving off – cuz they’d stare at me while smiling – but I could tell they were also puzzled by it. Everyone was shocked at my new attitude; but of course they liked it. ^_^

At the moment, I am working on my finances. 🙂 I will be sure to write on this site again if yet another miraculous thing happens to me. Believe in the Law of Attraction, everyone! It works miracles! It can work for you and against you. It all depends on what you truly desire.

Happiness is at your fingertips. All you have to do is believe it’s there.

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