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Dreams Come True!

Submitted by: C Williams

South Africa

I am a 25 year old lady that has recently started my dream company. I have a love for all things beautiful; My family, my company, my money, traveling, my friends and just living life to the fullest with The Secret being my power throughout every journey in my life.


I would like to start off by saying thank you, thank you, thank you Rhonda. I feel like I cannot go on with my secret journey one more day without giving my love, appreciation and thank you’s for how your books have changed my life.

I was 20 years old when a family friend had left this book at our home and being the bookworm I have always been I decided to read this book. Immediately I was hooked, I knew this book was forgotten for one reason, me.

I had come out of such a bad break up that I felt destroyed to my core. I had seen, witnessed and heard things about the man I loved that no 20 year old should have gone through at that age. I wasn’t sure what job path I wanted to follow but I was always a hard worker. As confused as I was I always felt throughout my life that I was destined for so much more. I just didn’t know what that more would be.

I read the book for three years over and over and over again. I could not at the time afford to buy any of the other books but boy, did my life change 360 degrees. First was the task of actually changing my mindset from being fearful and negative. That sounds easy but it really is not. It is pure exercise to change the way you look at life, interpret all situations big and small and how you choose to react and focus on them.

I was in a job that paid me next to nothing. Although I went to a great high school and all my friends were in different universities, I unfortunately had a single mother who could not afford to send me to university after school. She was so sad about it. I remember her exact words being “I am so sorry I have failed, what mother can’t educate her child?”. From that moment my fuel for more started, so that my mother could never ever look at me and feel like she is a disappointment but instead, a hero! I believe this was the moment that the Universe brought The Secret into my life.

I worked at this job for two years, giving every ounce of my being to just learn and gain experience. I was being treated so badly, sexually harassed on a daily basis, called out for being on sick leave, buried in debt even though I was working the hardest I have ever worked. It was just pure hell. I eventually left that job and started a new job and all I kept attracting for my new job was that it be much less work. And guess what? That was what I got, more money every month and literally almost nothing to do every day. That drove me crazy as I realized I love having a purpose in my job.

So to change my circumstance I started attracting a job close to home, my own office and of course more money. And I kid you not, two months later I got an interview with a company not close to home but offering more money. I took the job. After working three weeks for this company I was informed that we were moving offices and now this gets really amazing! The offices are 4km from my home and with my own office! I had tripled my salary and changed my entire circumstances to what I wanted in less than a two year period!!

From that day I have been a true believer of The Secret and the power The Secret holds for us to truly attract and live the life we want to live. Not to just imagine your dreams but to believe in them too!

It is now another two years later since I got that dream job and life just got better. I have now moved out of my mum’s home and I am living in an apartment with the most amazing view of the city. I always wanted to live in a place that had a view. I drive my dream car and although it may not be the most expensive, I wanted it for the longest time. I have left my 9 to 5 job and opened up my company which at the moment is so stressful but gives me more joy than words can express.

I am not sure what my future will bring but one thing is for sure, I live my life by The Secret every single day. There is always one of The Secret books next to my bed and although fear, anxiety and down days still sometimes arise, I rise above those days, because I know without one doubt in my mind that the Universe provides.

I want to share my message with everyone because I always read other people’s stories and never, ever did I think the day would come that I would be writing my own. Let this story be one that motivates you to buy The Secret book and change your life today. Follow and believe in yourself, your worth and worthiness to have your dreams come true. Because I promise you when you look back and realize that the Universe has provided for you and made all your dreams come true it is a feeling of complete happiness. And is that not all we really want in life?  That is what is so wonderful about the law of attraction, you attract what you really want to make what makes you happy. Get it?

I look forward to reading the story that changes your life. I end of by saying thank you, thank you, thank you Rhonda for changing my life. I don’t even want to imagine where I would of been today without your books.

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