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Don’t Stop Believing, Hold On To That Feeling.

Submitted by: S.


I successfully overcame the worst phase of my life and I am much stronger and happier now.


Hi All!

I quit my job in December and moved in with my parents. It was a great job and I really loved it but I was living in with my boyfriend and thing weren’t working out with him. He and I belong to different cultural backgrounds and his parents were against the match. All of this led to problems between us and I wanted to get out of that place. So I quit my job and moved back home. I found another job in a month. I took it up because I was desperately looking to find just any job. But this new job didn’t turn out to be good. It was a new city, so I had to move there. The cost of living at this new city was way too high and my new job didn’t pay me very well. The job consisted mostly of transactional activities. I didn’t have a good boss and the work culture sucked. It was a big step down from my previous organization. I was starting to feel really depressed. I was away from home, things were not sorted with my boyfriend and I hated my job.

It was on one such depressing day that I came across ‘The Secret’. It immediately caught my attention. I downloaded the book and I finished reading it in 3 hours. By the end of it, I was filled with positivity. I decided to start practicing it. I concentrated on all the good things in my life and thanked the Universe for them. I started maintaining a daily journal of gratitude. Every day I’d read up on the law of attraction. I created a vision board on an app on my phone. I surrounded myself with all positive thoughts and quotes. I started feeling good about my life and myself. I even had clarity as to what I wanted in my new job.

In the next 2 weeks, my boyfriend’s parents agreed to our match. Right now the parents are planning when to meet and when and where to have the wedding. I have quit my sucky job and I’m in the process of manifesting my new job. I have interviewed at a company that I really want to join. And I strongly believe without any shred of doubt that I am going to get the job. I am already imagining moving out of this city to a new city of my choice, having a beautiful home, living with my boyfriend and excelling at my new job.

I am very thankful to the Universe for bringing the knowledge of The Secret to me at a time when I needed it the most. I am thankful for how much my life has improved ever since I started practicing it. And I am thankful for my new and amazing job that I am manifesting right now. I am creating a wonderful life for myself right now and I am thankful to the Universe for everything.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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