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Doing Things Differently!

Submitted by: Rossaendra M

Hong Kong

An ambitious and inspiring leader in the global Finance industry who believes in supporting and helping others!


At the start of 2017, I was constantly thinking of my dream job. I am a very ambitious career woman working in Finance, however, I was not exactly happy with how stressful things were with my boss, who bullied me and my team every day for 5 months! By March I had made up my mind to change things! Besides, my relationship with my ex boyfriend was not at a happy place either so I had to find my happy feelings in the face of challenges, all by myself.

I am not new to The Secret. I have used it since 2008 but let’s be honest, we all slip up every now and again. So did I. However, this is how I turned my beliefs around.

1. Gratitude! I practiced gratitude every single day like my life depended on it.
2. Talking to and spending time with friends and family that brought an immense amount of happiness and laughter to me!
3. Ignoring everything my boss would say to make me and my team miserable. I instead took it as a motivation to leave.
4. Spending less time with my then boyfriend, who was bringing in to my life all kinds of sad drama.
5. Supporting my team and making them really happy, as it brought me so much joy! I was being their ideal leader!
6. Actively looking for jobs but not being desperate about it, instead I was rather confident.
7. I made a list of exactly what my new workplace should have: Free fruits and nuts, free coffee, a very, very supportive boss, a huge working space, a multinational global company, better opportunities, flexible working hours, great social life, more time in the evening, better pay, opportunities to travel overseas, walking distance from home and a big desk with a view of the Hong Kong skyline.
8. Making a list of places I wanted to travel to in between jobs, with pictures, maps, itinerary, etc. on my notice board.
9. I wrote myself a new job offer letter from my new employer.
10. I helped a lot of friends as helping them made me happy.
11. I pursued my hobbies that made me happy!
12. Visualising my perfect life for 7 minutes a day along with meditating and feeling good.
13. Listening to The Secret every morning while walking to work.

My results in July, less than 3 months after religiously practicing The Secret.

1. Thursday I gave my final interview for my perfect job.
2. Sunday my boyfriend and I decided to call off our relationship which was such a relief!
3. Monday I got an offer from my perfect company which ticked all the boxes, down to having a supportive boss, etc.
4. Tuesday I resigned from my then current job only to find out I had 6 weeks of paid leave available which meant my whole travel break between jobs would be paid for!
5. Wednesday I booked my tickets to South America for 6 weeks!! Additionally my best friend also joined my trip!

I now work in my full-time dream job! I started a staff support group to help junior members of the team resolve work related problems. I support other young women as a women’s leader. I help friends to find their dream jobs. I write and bring awareness about workplace bullying. I started my own sustainable fashion label and I travel the world. I have found my life partner and I am moving to NYC at the end of the year to live with him, with an even better career opportunity that my company has offered.

When people look at my happy life, they are surprised and ask me what do I do differently? My answer is that I feel good and grateful and I help others to feel the same way.

I truly hope this story helps bring hope to the ones who need it!

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