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How I Discovered The Law Of Attraction And How It Changed My Life.

Submitted by: thegirlfromthecoast

Northern Ireland

“I am co creating an abundant, exciting year filled with fun adventures; doing work that fills me with passion and makes me feel good about myself.” I'm a 24 yr old N.Irish/Swedish, ‘Creative Writing and Acting’ graduate; combining my love of healthy food, nutrition, make-up, travel, writing and blogging! I'm documenting my road to becoming a successful actress, model and entrepreneur; using the law of attraction to help fulfil my dreams. I hope that someday I can inspire others to do the same.


For many years now I have been a firm believer of the Law of Attraction; a universal law that helps me and other success driven human beings co create the lives of our biggest and wildest desires. I was shown this principle by a man that I had only ever had a couple of brief encounters with, one of which turned out to be a key moment where my life began to change for the better.

I was 17 years old at the time and was on a family vacation in America when I received a phone call from this guy. It was a very random, out of the blue call, but needless to say I answered it. He had only called me to talk about a documentary that he had watched called ‘The Secret.’ He was so enthusiastic about this amazing concept that I had to put my dinner plans on hold and buy it to stream on their website.

As I sat down to watch it, I could feel my energy levels rising, I could see all of the negative patterns that I had already created in my young adolescent life and I could feel the excitement and enthusiasm for life taking over my body. It really was an incredible feeling. I think it was the first time that I had ever felt my true existence and energy rise as high as this.  From that moment on I had a vibrant identity. I had a hunger for success, in a good way. I could confidently look at my life knowing that I was travelling in the right direction, happy that I was 100% clear on what I wanted from my life.

After that summer, when I was going back to study my second and final year of acting at college, I had a new bounce in my step. I knew I was going there for a purpose and nothing was going to hold me back. I worked hard but enjoyed every minute of it. I felt fulfilled. Classmates could notice a change in my attitude and I often heard the words that I was inspiring to listen to. I helped others feel that they too could become whatever they wanted to become. This was the year I decided to go to University, and not only that, but I was going to apply to the ‘American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York.’ A very big step for a girl that grew up in a tiny town in Northern Ireland.

I started to write in my gratitude book about getting accepted into the American Academy, as if it had already happened. My college tutors and classmates told me I was being unrealistic. That I was setting myself up for disappointment and that the Academy only accepted less than 30% of the people that apply. The day my acceptance letter arrived in the post I knew that the Law of Attraction was on my side. That my thought patterns brought into existence some of the things that others thought I would never achieve.

Since then, I have been practising the Law of Attraction to bring about bigger and better things. I found my life coach and started living with more intention. When I was struggling financially I changed my mind set and developed a better relationship with my beliefs about money. When transportation was difficult, I put up a picture of my dream car on my vision board, only to buy that exact same car several months later. When I felt stuck in my modelling/acting career, I asked the Universe to give me an opportunity; and there I was, several months later standing on the stage as a finalist in The Miss World/ Miss Northern Ireland contest. Incredible experience and given that I am only 5’4″, I knew I had something other than luck on my side. If I ever needed proof that the Law of Attraction really worked then here it was; a Harvard sized law book of evidence.

And now? My story ends with me sitting on the couch writing up this story; manifesting all of the things I love the most and blogging about my journey. I feel truly fulfilled as I get to combine my love of health, food and mindfulness along with developing my career and following my passion of creative writing. I have the opportunity to share my journey of becoming an actress, model, singer, entrepreneur and spokesperson, in the hope that others too will strive to become the best person that they they be. Check out my journey here for more inspiration 🙂

I asked the Universe to help me find a way to make me feel satisfied in between photoshoots and auditions, and here it is! The world of blogging and inspiring others!

We are the co-creators of our lives. Go and get it.

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