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Desired Job Delivered.

Submitted by: Jayee


Feeling more and more content every day.


Hi people.

I was wanting to have a job that would be very fulfilling to me as I was in a working environment that was way too comfortable to for me previously. So I kept looking for a job where I could 100% unleash my potential and fully contribute to, which in turn would give me a great sense of accomplishment.

I kept looking for a new job without having a specific desire in mind to which field and industry I wanted to go into. The only thing I knew was that I had always wanted a job where I could feel fully commitment to, where everyone around me would to be as professional as they could be in a challenging but harmonious environment. A truly work-life balance job.

Then one day I just let go of my trying so hard to get the job go away. I let go with relief and trusting that the Universe would deliver me the job I had dreamed of at the perfect time. I just feel grateful and let go.

Then out of the blue, a company called me for an interview and straight away they offered me a job with high salary and with very great work environment and care for their staff. I am so happy that I accepted it happily and without any doubt, knowing that this was my own manifestation. Now I got my dream job and I feel very, very happy with the results!

Just trust your own dreams and let go of all doubt. Thanks for reading.

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