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Deeply In Love Again.

Submitted by: Nikita

I'm a dreamer.


I have known The Secret for a couple of years now and though I believed in it, I never actually made an effort to really apply it.

I was always an optimistic person but still I attracted negativity in my life. Due to that I also attracted bad things in my relationship with my boyfriend. I focused on our problems and the more I did, the worse our situation got. At one point we fought too much and we were close to breaking up with each other, but somehow we knew that we were meant to be together and that we wanted to make this work.

After a fight he stopped talking to me for a few days and that’s when I decided to turn things around. I remembered The Secret and started listening to the audiobook and reading The Secret stories. I knew my boyfriend was angry but I decided to send him only positive thoughts and love. I would write down that he misses me and he wants to be near me. I would remember our greatest memories and visualize more of them coming. I would remember all the things that I’m grateful for in our relationship! And beside that, I would go out with my my friends, spend time with my family and just be happy and grateful.

After a few days my boyfriend started texting and calling me again. Then after about 2 weeks had passed since our big fight we are back together and we are madly in love. We do not fight at all, we are being sweet to each other and I am surrounded by positivity. At this point I want to make sure that I never forget to apply The Secret ever again!

I am truly grateful for what happened and I know that there are so many great things waiting for me in this life. The reason why I posted this story is because to me, it means a lot to read other people’s great stories! So I hope that it will inspire others the way your stories have always inspired me!

Lots of love to everyone! Stay positive!

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