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Confirmation of Personal Power to Manifest

Submitted by: Ms Karl

Perth, West Australia

I am an Indigenous woman of the South West of Western Australia an Nyungar Yorga. I am a member of the Stolen Generation, and have spent years working on developing and maintaining my self-esteem. I have used many programs to this end, and many have produced the similar miracles, as have been happening in my life since I have immersed myself into The Secret. My plans to spread the word of The Secret is to encourage any of my family and my people, especially the young to embrace the messages, especially to develop and attitude of gratitude. I have had many non-positive experiences in my life, but whilst acknowledging them I will not let them bring me down.


I have been around for 60 years, and this year I begin again on my new 1st birthday.

Over the years I have embraced many programs, which have proven to me that I have the power to heal others and myself, and to change my life on a daily basis.

I have used crystals and pendulums, and still use Reiki, but as time goes by one begins to realise that sometimes we don’t need all those props, all we need is the intent to heal someone or see them as well and happy, and we can assist them to that end. Also sometimes their dis-easements are meant to be for a reason, for some lesson they need to learn or that those around them need to learn.

Once, my little dog had gotten out when we lived on a busy road. I visualized him being there when I arrived at the house, and I kept saying “He’ll meet me at the gate.” Well he didn’t, but when I got out of the car, there he was at the front door. He had never wandered before, and had been seen all around the neighbourhood, but no one could catch him.

I have used “Archangel Michael” to help me get green lights and parking spots in the past. I now just know I will get them, but I always say thank you for each time I get them. I still like the image of our guardian angels sitting around waiting to be asked to help, as they won’t go into action to help unless they are asked.

I also believe my mother is one of those angels, as I had an incident where I felt I could have been in a dangerous situation with a new date, who was drinking and driving, and not happy that I had rejected his advances. We were driving in an isolated area, and I began to feel a sense of danger. I sent up my request “I need some help here please!” I’d hardly finished the thought when the police were pulling him over and he was charged with drunk driving. At the time I believed, and still do believe, as it comforts me to do so, that it was my mother, my own sweet angel, protecting me.

When I first discovered this “Secret”, I think I knew it anyway, but have found that one particular aspect of it was not in any of the others healing methods I had used. The concept of focusing on your feelings to change from that “sadness”, due to depression, or feelings of low self-esteem, was what impressed me most, as I had not heard that in any other methods I had used. I now tell people, especially women, remember the first time you held your newborn baby, that feeling of total unconditional love. Remember that when you are feeling down.

I have had a lot of challenges, with stress and depression, and had to leave my last job and a few others due to these factors. I have to take notice of what my body is telling me, and when I developed Shingles, and all the post conditions that went with it, the message was loud and clear that I needed to change my job and the way I work. I had the option to return to that job, but decided to heed the message. I am now freelancing, I trust that there will always be enough, and everything is falling into place to manifest more abundance in areas that I am in control of, and I can choose to work in areas that make my heart sing, where I can care for and nurture myself and others, and spread the word of The Secret to anyone who will listen.
my mirror I have written the Affirmation… “I am Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious, Healthy, Wealthy, Wise and Happy.” I stop by that mirror to remind myself whilst looking into my eyes on a regular basis.

Perfect strangers are looking at me and smiling, and I am so confident in my ability to manifest whatever I need to create my dreams.

My dream is a forever home for animals, and a place of peace and harmony for all souls to rejuvenate and refresh their spirit.

In the meantime, proclaim the power of each one of us in creating the reality of our dreams. I see it confirmed every day in some way.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…

Peace, Love, Light, Blessings & Karla Kooliny (Welcome to my Campfire) –

My name Karl means fire in my Noongar language, and boy am I fired up… LOL

Ms Karl

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