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Clear Skin.

Submitted by: Sydney


A person with a dream and a goal that I always believed I would achieve.


I’ve had acne and bad skin for years, I’d say 4 years. Every day it never seemed to get better, only worse. I tried hundreds of skin care products, masks and treatments and none of them seemed to work. It was so frustrating that all of my friends and everybody around me had perfect clear skin and they did not even take care of their skin like I did.

I found out about the law attraction in June and I started using it in hopes to clear my skin. For so long I was visualising my skin being clear, and it wasn’t, for some reason, nothing was happening. It was still bad and not getting any better, that is until about 3 days ago.

I started thanking the Universe every morning and throughout the day for my perfect, clear skin and I also started visualising looking at my skin through my own eyes. Looking in the mirror through my own eyes at my skin.

And then the most amazing thing happened. I am mind blown that this could happen so quickly. My skin is not 100% clear yet as it has only been 3 days, but I know that it is going to continue to get better and better at this rapid pace. My skin tone is so even now, the scars and acne have faded so much that they are barely visible anymore! My skin texture used to be all bumpy and have indents and now it is so smooth and flawless with no bumps or indents at all.

I am so happy! I keep looking in the mirror at my reflection and instead of being filled with anger and upset with the way my face looks, I am filled with gratitude and joy that it is clear and becoming the skin I have always wanted it to be.

Never give up! What you want is coming, just be patient and grateful that it is coming.

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