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  • Submitted by: Le C.
  • Date Posted: Aug 7, 2017
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Bye Bye Depression.

Le C.

Birmingham, UK

A joyful soul living a wonderful life.

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Bye Bye Depression.

I’m a foreign student living and doing my bachelor’s degree in the UK. I was once a depressed soul before I was introduce to The Secret by a friend. Being a middle child in the family I have always been neglected by my parents. I know they would never do it on purpose. I have four other siblings and I always am disciplined and have a very high tolerance to everything. To get their attention and affection, I always used to strive to excel in whatever I was doing, good grades, winning awards in competition and so on.

I mind a lot on how people see me because I thought people will like me only if I’m excellent. That had lead me to have no real friends throughout my high school years because I couldn’t give my heart to people. I could not share my real feelings and showed only what is good of me to the others.

At the age of 22, my parents sent me abroad to complete my degree and that was my first time being abroad all by myself. Even though it’s a dream to study abroad, I was caught up by culture shock and study stress and eventually my grades fell.

I had no one to talk to and deep inside me I told myself I can’t lose and so I went to see my tutor and after a long talk she arranged for me to see my uni’s psychotherapist. She identified my symptoms as she once had severe depression and had been recovered for almost two years.

I was in shock at first but I followed her advice anyway to see the therapist and was later referred to a GP for assessment and was given a diagnosis of depression. I was given antidepressant drugs and counselling sessions for 6 months but nothing helped. I have found out what makes me depressed but all I did was blame and cry during those sessions.

Then, I met a high school friend who just came back from the US and her personality charmed me. I could not help but be very surprised as she was once a quiet and serious person like I was. She was very open on her change and happily shared The Secret book with me.

I started by doing the gratitude list and started to develop empathy. I made myself believe every time I thought of my family, that I have an open, harmonious and dependable relationship with them. Instead of blindly tolerating, I told them how I felt about those years and have learnt to converse my feelings to my siblings.

One of my older siblings did not like the way I started to change to have my own thinking and “have a place” in the family, as I have been blindly tolerating whatever unreasonable things she said and did despite that I’m the younger one. Nevertheless, I have very strong bond with my other three siblings and parents ever since I started practicing The Secret. I have strong faith that her relationship will be good with me again very soon.

Eventually, I had bought “Hero” and “The Power” and by practicing the art of filling myself up with good feeling, I have drawn a good high paid part-time job that I did not expect to get as they have really high standards for recruiting. I got turned down by four companies who give less hourly pay and more work loads before I got a contract with my current one. Yay! I have drawn a thru-fro ticket to The Netherlands in April from my cousin, as I long to travel to view the tulips farm before I complete my degree, which is coming in June.

Not to forget, my GP stopped my drug and counselling treatment as I have been well. So well that they think my look has changed! I’m radiant, confident and smiley all the time. I finally understand what it means by beauty comes from within! A healthy mind does give you a beautiful face. And my grades have been pulled up to 2:1, not first class anymore, but I’m still happy as it could have been worse.

I will definitely keep practicing The Secret and I pray with my fullest heart that I get recruited by a Dubai airline as cabin crew at the age of 24 once I graduate as it was my childhood dream to become an air stewardess travelling around the world.

I wanna thank my friend J. who shared her book of The Secret with me. Drugs did not help me recover from depression, The Secret did. Thank you Rhonda and team. I am really grateful for having this power and knowledge to change my life and influence people surrounding me. Thank you universe! xoxo

PS: perhaps I will send in a story again when I get recruited as cabin crew in Dubai!

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