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Broken From A Young Age.

Submitted by: Stephen Lynn

Northern Ireland

My name is Stephen Lynn, I live in Northern Ireland, I am 32 years old. I am a car mechanic and have my own business called the 1Stop Motor Shop. I am married to Hannah and we have a 5 year old girl called Isabella.


My story starts when I was 5 years old. On the 13th November 1991 my father was renovating our new family home when he was shot dead in a mistaken identity. They were meant to get the man who had previously owned the house. At such a young age I was filled with great sadness but I buried everything away to the back of my mind and tried to move on. I struggled the whole way through school. I was always at the bottom of the class and was soon diagnosed with having dyslexia. Not only did I struggle with learning in school but I was also bullied. School wasn’t a great time for me. But after school I got an apprenticeship learning how to fix cars, something I was good at. My father was also a mechanic, so I loved following in his footsteps.

Life went by. I lived in a daze, nothing really got spoken about and any issues I was feeling just got locked away in my head. It wasn’t until I met my now wife and our daughter was born, that my mind, mood and outlook changed. I became very depressed. Everything was so negative and there was nothing I could do to change how I felt. The doctors diagnosed me with having severe depression caused by the death of my father. It got to the stage in my life and marriage were it was becoming unbearable for me and the people around me. I wasn’t a nice person to be around. I used to be such a fun person with a big smile. Now I was very much a depressed, dark cloud.

One day while sitting on our bed with my head in my hands crying to my wife about not feeling myself, she suggested I read a book that she read years before and loved. She said it may be what I was looking for to help me. She got the book and I started to read it. Though reading was never my strong point, the book got me. And by the time I got 6 pages in, I knew this book was what I needed. I went straight out and bought the audio book. I listened to the book every day in my car, soaking in all the positive energy.

Within a short time my attitude had completely changed. My outlook was great, I loved life and I was feeling happy again without taking any medication. With the support from my wife I also left my job which I hated and started my own business fixing cars.

I still listen to the book every day, when ever I can. My life is absolutely amazing. I have a wonderful wife and daughter, my business is also doing fantastic and we are about to move to a bigger garage as it is getting so busy. Sure I have down days but using the processes in the book, it doesn’t stay down for long.

Thank you so much for this book, God knows where I would be without it.

Northern Ireland

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