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Attitude For Receiving.

Submitted by: Johnny


Thank you because all is perfect.


Looking back at my stories, I find one common pattern for all of them. The common pattern is: feeling good about what is being given to me, feeling good about what is being chosen and feeling good about the current situation, about what is, right now.

The feeling good means being alright with what is, being at ease with the fact of receiving or not receiving, knowing that all is fine because all comes from God and/or the Universe. That is why you “feel good”. You feel good because you envision receiving what you have chosen from the catalogue of the Universe. This vision provides you with joy, thus you feel very good!

It came to me that in all the cases that I received, the attitude was one of: “Whatever, man”, an attitude of: “Come what may…”. The attitude was: “Whatever comes is alright with me”, “Everything’s alright with me”, “That’s alright with me, man”. It’s like you kind of say: “forget it. I don’t need it”.

And let me tell you that in most cases when I applied the attitude, the results materialized instantly!

Also, curiously, I was not the one to take that attitude. It felt like something moved me to take that attitude, it was not me. Like life was telling me: “It’s okay, buddy, let it go, forget about it!”. And as I did that, the miracles occurred before my eyes.

For example, I was about to prepare a sandwich and I wanted to put mayonnaise in it but I couldn’t find any. I searched and searched, struggled and worried until I said, “Forget it”. In the following seconds I opened a drawer and right there, one next to the other, I found 6 mayonnaise packages! I was stunned and amazed! When I said “Fine, no mayonnaise then”, the result appeared in abundance.

Another good one was when I was at home, I remembered a friend and felt an urge to see him. Then suddenly I was moved to say, “Whatever, man!” with an attitude of not caring at all. I took about 6 steps and looked to my right because someone was opening the window with a smile and saying hello. Yes! Yes, you know who it was! My friend I had been thinking about and with a smile on his face! There he was at a distance of 1.5 metres from me, like 3 seconds after I was thinking of him!

The important thing here is the underlying attitude. This is one of “Whatever comes is alright”. “Whatever man, all is good with me”. “The Universe is on my side!! I have everything!”.

So the message is to be happy because your order is coming your way. At the same time, realize that you don’t need it, you are doing perfectly fine without it. You always have! This is what letting it go is all about. Let ig and feel good.

Love you with all my being, cheers for all of you, my brothers and sisters. Thank you!

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