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Live an extraordinary life and awaken your dreams!

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My Amazing Year At Disney World.

Submitted by: A true believer


A grateful young woman who is realizing more and more dreams.


A few years ago, after a lot of stress concerning what I wanted to do in my life, I decided to take actions after reading The Power. I wanted to manifest the best job for me at that time, and I was sick of going nowhere and only getting disappointing jobs. I went online and applied for jobs all over the world, but none seemed to appeal to me. Until I found this job, working for a year at Walt Disney World!

I was amazed! The profile was matching with my personality. Instantly I knew it had to be this job! I sent my CV, and quickly got a positive answer. The next step was to successfully pass the Skype interview, which also went very well. Finally I had to go and meet in person the recruiters from WDW in Paris. The answer came: I was on waiting list. At this point, people knew I was going for an interview, but no one except my mother knew for what it was. I knew that if I really wanted to manifest this job I had to keep quiet and to avoid the negativity of other people. After the answer, I was happy and calm, thinking that it was a good thing. I would get a positive answer when I had enough money to pay for my flight ticket, visa and all the other expenses.

I finally ended up saying to my friends and the rest of my family that I was on a waiting list and they were all thinking I wouldn’t make it. I was smiling, still positive, working part-time in the meantime and focusing on everything I could read online concerning the life of a Disney cast member. All the aspects of the job and the process to obtain my visa. I was imagining myself living in one of the beautiful Disney residences, filling my heart with happiness and meeting people from all around the world.

Six months later, I got an email, congratulating me for leaving to Florida! I had to pay for a few expenses and I needed more money, but I still had some time before my departure. Elated from getting the job I was dreaming about, I stayed positive and the next few months went smoothly. I managed to get the money I needed, my visa was approved and processed quickly and I even managed to get to live in the residence I chose with the roommate I wanted.

The year I spent there was magical. I was lucky enough to work in a place full of happiness, where so many people are dreaming about going one day. Every day I was so thankful about my luck. I bought The Magic and so many good things happened to me that year.

Thanks to the power of visualization, I was also able to assist to a prestigious award function in Tampa, the IIFA Awards. I also manifested several dreams, such as swimming with a dolphin, see one of my favourite singers live and travelling at a small cost in almost all the places that were on my bucket list at that time.

If this wasn’t enough, there was a point when I needed a specific sum of money. I visualized myself getting this amount, and then, I just followed my inspiration. The same day, out of nowhere, I met a lovely lady who was working there, but I didn’t know anything about her. We began talking and I ended up telling her about my financial problem. She told me to come back and see her later, that she would help me. At first I felt bad, thanked her and told her I would find a way. I saw her a few days later, and she literally ran out of her office with an envelope, telling me she had kept this for me since the last time we talked! Amazed and extremely thankful, I thanked her a lot and was ready to refund her as soon as I could. She made me understand it wasn’t necessary. I then opened the envelope on my way home and I couldn’t believe it! There was $500, the sum I had imagined getting a few days before! Later on I tried to find more information on this lady, thanks to the company hub, where everything about the employees is reported. She had not wanted to give me bank details and I couldn’t find anything. I didn’t even know her full name nor her real position in the company! An angel out of nowhere!

After all this, I kept saying to everyone that I was about to live in London and get a job in a prestigious company. A few months ago I was there, and now I am working for one of the most luxurious brands worldwide. I am so thankful to Rhonda Byrne and all her books for teaching me how to realize all my dreams. The next step for me now is to attract my ideal partner, and of course, staying positive and attracting more of my desires!

Always believe in your dreams, feel them with all your heart and fill your heart with positivity and happiness. Attraction always works!

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