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The Amazing White Rose.

Submitted by: Danielle K

Los Angeles

I guess you can say I am someone who has been searching for happiness ever since I lost my mom almost 7 years ago. She was not only my mother but my best friend and when I lost her I lost a piece of my heart. It's been a roller coaster the last several years and I have wanted to just give up several times. Many people have tried to get me to read books like The Secret or The Power and I had always been a skeptic and never had any interest. It took something very special to my mind.


One day my neighbor and friend Jen saw me a little down and introduced me to The Power and it has changed my life more than you know. I listened to you all tell story after story and I decided to try it out on something small.

So I will tell you that after hearing the lily story, I myself, decided to manifest a white rose. I went and found pictures of white roses on my phone and saved them and thought about it all the time. I chose the white rose for a reason which I will explain shortly, that was on May 13.

Now flash forward to May 27. I just received some good news and Jen happened to text me and ask me if I had a lighter. I decided I wanted to share my good news with her in person and would give her the lighter then. So I walked next door and she came outside and I told her my news and we started chatting. She could see my excitement and invited me in for a glass of wine. In the year and 8 months that she has lived next door to me I have never been in her home to socialize, so this was new. We sat and talked for a good 20 minutes.

Then I glanced over at the windowsill and noticed she had all these pretty flowers. Then I looked to the right of me where the garbage was and there sticking out of the garbage were some red roses. As I looked closer, there it was. I walked over to the trash can and opened it.

And there, sitting in the middle of the red roses was the white rose I had been thinking about and had imagined!!

I immediately picked it up and it was the most beautiful, most perfect white rose I have ever seen. At that moment tears welled in my eyes and the emotion that came over me was unlike anything I have ever felt. I always thought it would be presented to me in a different way by someone or in a beautiful display but never did I imagine I would find it in a trash can at the very person’s house that introduced me and gave me the gift of the The Power.

I chose the white rose because it symbolized peace within myself that I had not been able to achieve since I lost my mom. I knew the moment that I found it that it was a gift from my mom, letting me know she was close and I can now have peace and begin my journey and she will be here to guide to me.

Life has changed for me in so many different ways ever since the day I heard The Power. I can not put into words how grateful I am to you for bringing this beautiful gift to my life. Things I have always wanted are happening and my outlook on life is completely different. Most of all I am closer to my mom than I ever have been and that alone is more that I can ever ask for.

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