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Amazing Results With The Law Of Attraction.

Submitted by: PMN


40 years old.


Hi all,

For the past year or so I had become a little down and depressed and could not get out of the negative spiral I was in. I had been drinking alcohol along with other things for the past 2 or 3 years and I could not seem to get a grip on that either. So a few months ago I started looking into The Secret along with other LOA books I had. I must have over 100 of them and had been reading them since I was a teen and I am now 40!

I had a lot of doubt and negativity about it all and  so I decided to write myself a list of all the things I have achieved since I started reading LOA books. Here is an idea of that list. Some things I could probably have achieved without visualizing etc, but it sure did help anyway:

– Moved away from home at 20, across the country to an amazing seaside town.
– Taught myself to surf.
– Became a qualified rescue diver.
– Spent 10 winters traveling to India, Thailand (5 times), Sri Lanka, Mexico (twice), Egypt, Bali, New Zealand, USA, Portugal, Germany, Fiji.
– Attended a Tony Robbins Seminar, including doing a firewalk.
– Became a Henna tattooist working on a beach for 3 summers and was even featured on TV doing so.
– Bought a flat without a job and a few years later, sold that to buy a better one. Then eventually I bought a cottage, again at a time when I was not even working.
– Got married to a beautiful woman and have an amazing boy.
– Got a VW Campervan that I didn’t even have to pay for.
– Manifested over £1,200 in the past 7 months since using The Secret Money App.
– Gained a black belt and trained with one of the highest grades in the world.
– Got 2 promotions in the last year resulting in much better pay.
– Avoided being killed in the Thailand Tsunami by having nightmares about giant waves and an unsettling feeling to move from where I was at the time.
– Gained over 30lbs of muscle over a 10 year period.
– Learnt Portuguese, not fluent, but ‘holiday fluent’, as well as learnt useful phrases in Thai, along with some Spanish.
– Taught myself to play the guitar and piano, good level in guitar, basic in piano.
– Did a skydive.
– Dived shipwrecks, caves and amazing reef’s seeing turtles, sea snakes and other amazing sea life.
– Attracted so many other ‘little’ things into my life on a weekly basis including car park spaces, free coffee, finding money on the ground, food bought for me.

I did not want to write this to show off or anything, it was just a list I made for myself to prove to myself that this stuff works! I am probably missing loads off this list, but these are the things that spring to my mind. I wanted to help inspire and prove to others that the Law Of Attraction does work and the more you do it while having fun, the more it works.

Looking forward to the rest of my life and the things I can achieve. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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