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Amazing Life!

Submitted by: Mateusz

Poland, Central Europe

16 years old and love my life!!


I remember when I was sad and angry all the time. I just couldn’t control my emotions back then. I was shy and I had a low self-esteem. I hated my voice, my grades at school were low, I couldn’t win at anything and my hair was not standing up like I wanted my haircut to be. I was also really skinny something I did not like as a teenage boy. However my family had money. I was attractive in other people’s opinions and girls liked me. Having a girlfriend was easy but because I didn’t like myself, I didn’t want to be with anyone.

Unfortunately I was focusing and giving too much attention to all the negative things in my life instead of being grateful for the positive aspects of it, so my life was getting worse. Everything that I didn’t like I was getting more and more of.

I started truly using The Secret one year ago but I knew it since I was around eleven years old. However, at that age I was too young to fully understand what this knowledge could give me. Here is how I used the power of my mind:

I visualized my goals and dreams. I created a vision board with images printed from the internet. I was drawing a mind map of what I wanted. I was being grateful and felt as if it had already happened. I also started to be grateful for everything including air, water and every step that I was taking. I acted as if I already had what I wanted. I was dancing to some music while having what I wanted in my head. I was imagining my fit body by pretending that my clothes that I had on were too tight and that I had a great shape and muscles. I was labeling a glass of water by writing ‘Thank you’, ‘Muscles’, or ‘Friends’ and I was strongly believing that drinking it would attract these things into my life. I was also loving every positive aspect that somebody I knew or a stranger, had. It is amazing how it comes to you, too!. I had really become spiritual, and I built an amazing relationship with the Universe.

Now my life has changed by 360 degrees! I have a lot of friends and my relationships are great. I started to love myself and now when I look at the pictures from the past I see how much my appearance has improved. My family is telling me that my personality has changed because I finally speak instead of being quiet. My weight has gone up from 58 kg to 70 kg and I am still trying to get bigger to around 75 kg. However, I am finally fit and I had to buy some new clothes because my trousers were too tight and my shirts too small! That made me really happy! I can see that my biceps, and even hands, are larger and I have a six-pack! I feel confident, loved, and cool, and I do not have any anxiety anymore.

After my exams in Poland every teacher predicted a lower grade for me than what I got. In one subject I had to get a 2 but I got 5! I got one of the best grades in my class without studying too much! Also my voice became deeper, my eyes more green, my hair naturally blonder. Also my teeth grew straighter, my teenage skin stopped having pimples since I stopped caring about them and what was causing them, and my hair is finally standing up as I wanted it to! Today I am lucky! I find money on the street and I am winning a lot of things. Girls are loving and looking at me even more! I am now living the life of my dreams with great relationships, health, and money.

Go create your life! It is a movie about you! Make it a good one to watch! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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