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  • Date Posted: Oct 13, 2016
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Almost Instant.

p a | h a


I am a teacher and a student of the Universe.

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Almost Instant.

That morning I woke up in the ‘vortex’, just like Abraham-Hicks describes. I was so happy, life felt good, everything felt right and bright. After I showered, I asked myself what should I do today. Suddenly I got my answer,”go service your bike.”. Usually it’s not a good plan to service my bike because I often get bored waiting so long. But because I had already started my day very positive, I didn’t even think twice about it. So I drove my bike to the workshop while I kept saying grace and visualized how wonderful it would be if my bike was done in a short time.

I arrived at 8.30 am. I registered and sat in the waiting room. In my heart I kept making believe that the service would be quick and perfect. Then, I read The Secret to pass the time. After a while, I thought, why not make a wish and command the Universe. So, I closed my eyes and asked. I want my bike to be ready at 9.00 am. Oh, no, no, I hardly believed that because it was already 8.33 am. I thought it would be easier to believe that it will be done at 9.30 am. I gave the Universe an hour. The sign I want to experience was that I would look up at the clock hanging on the wall near the customer service desk just when it was turning 9.30 am.

Then I thought, there! I asked! And because of my belief, the Universe must already have answered! So, it is was already manifested in the vibrational realm. So now I don’t have to do anything else. I let go, let the Universe work and I enjoy my book.

Minutes after, I had this urge to check to see if they took my bike in, but I returned to my faith and did check. I just believed it would be done on time. I don’t know how, I don’t have to know, that is not my job, it is the Universe’s job and I support the Universe by letting go and believing it will work perfectly. So I read my book and got lost in time.

After awhile I just looked over the customer service desk and a mechanic passed by. I didn’t know why but I just walked over there and saw the clock was showing 9.30 am which was my sign! I asked them if my bike had been done. And the lady behind the desk said: Sir, it’s done, you can take it now!

Thank you! It was amazing! I couldn’t smile a bigger smile.

The Universe is your expert employee. It knows how to do it’s job. Just ask it and let it do it’s job peacefully. Do not keep asking and asking and asking like an annoying boss. Just ask once and believe, and it will get done. Your request will be perfectly in time and exactly to your request.


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