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  • Submitted by: Jason Cower
  • Date Posted: Dec 14, 2017
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Above All Else Believe.

Jason Cower

Ogden Utah

I am a 40 year old guy. I love Ford Trucks, Boxer dogs, Coca Cola, vacationing, and photography. I recently enjoyed my very first Christmas with my biological father after discovering his phone number in my deceased mother's pocketbook. I have 5 brothers and many more siblings I haven't met from my father. I am blessed, thankful, positive, outgoing, motivated, dedicated, loyal, trustworthy and lucky beyond explanation. I love my life.

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Above All Else Believe.

I have always gotten anything I have ever wanted by believing above all else, that it would happen. From the Christmas lists as a child to the sweepstakes that I win. If you believe in something whole heartedly and without a doubt that you will get it, you willingly bring it into your life.

I learned of this power after the loss of my mother and brother on September 11th 2006. My mother passed away from pneumonia and my brother passed 1 hour later from a drug overdose. That day rocked my world to the core. After burying my mother in Eden Utah and burying my brother at sea off the coast of Cape Canaveral, Florida, I  returned to Utah with extreme depression. I decided to battle my addiction to OxyContin and Methadone.

One early morning, almost a month after their deaths, I found myself sitting on my front porch sobbing at the loss of my loved ones. Just weeks earlier Bruno our more than beloved dog of 13 years had to be put down because he was suffering from old age. Sobbing in complete darkness, I remember pleading for me to stop crying. Out of nowhere, a car speeding up my street passes my house then flips around pulling up to the curb in the opposite way. Then a female voice asked if I was OK. There is no way in this pitch blackness they could possibly see me crying. She says she was on her way to a friend’s house down the street. She said that she had this extremely overwhelming feeling that made her turn around and ask if I was OK. I asked her name and she said Barbara, which was my mother’s name. I asked where she was from and she said the valley Eden, to be specific, and said she really didn’t know why she was going to see her friend since she did not know her that well to be going that far to visit at that time of night.

At that point this feeling of calmness overcame me. My mother was buried in Eden, Utah. She had the same stature, hair and voice as this girl. I knew then that my mother had come to comfort me and let me know it was OK. That was the last time I sobbed over my mother and brother.

Shortly after I came upon The Secret and decided to use it in my life to battle my own addictions to powerful opiate pain medications. I began the fight of my life with this new weapon that proved to be the answer to my needs. I read it and followed as instructed, manifesting all that I needed to overcome this addiction. I wrote a list of resolutions that I wanted to achieve for the new year. I found this list a year later having achieved everything I wrote, from weight loss to nicotine addiction to financial freedom to the exact color of watch I requested.

I have used this power ever since with great success. I am the luckiest of people in all that I do. From winnings to goals to my life’s endeavors. I have won contests to race cars with Mario Andretti and Helio Castroneves. I have been able to travel extensively and perfect my passion in photography. I have so much gratitude I cry on a daily basis. Luck seem to happen to me more often than not. I have overcome adversity and addictions easily and without fail.

I am a firm believer in the law of attraction and gratitude. The power of positive thinking is real and I am truly grateful for that.

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