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3yr Old Daughter Manifests Birthday In Hawaii.

Submitted by: Sean S.

San Diego, CA

Husband and Father of two who owns a financial company in San Diego.


After being introduced to The Secret several years back, it has definitely been a gift that I have learned to turn into a skill. For all that it has helped me achieve, accomplish and manifest, it is something that I felt I would be doing people a disservice if I never shared this great gift. And what better person to teach this skill to than my 3 year old daughter!

I know you may be thinking, how can a 3 year old even understand the concept of using The Secret, when a 3 year old’s attention span is all over the place! And this may be true, but with a little guidance and a lot of help from YouTube, my daughter manifested a trip to Hawaii for our family for her 4th birthday.

My daughter, Honor, is very big on Kids YouTube. She would spend several hours a day (please don’t judge me) watching other kids play with toys and singing nursery songs. But one thing she did more than anything else was to follow a specific channel of a family who vlogged their lifestyle.

Well, one series on this channel entailed the family of 5 taking a trip to Honolulu, HI, and staying at the Disney Aulani resort, arguably the most notable 5 Star resort on the Hawaiian islands. The family would vlog themselves getting on the plane, arriving in Hawaii, taking a shuttle to the hotel, checking in, playing at the water park, swimming in the private beach, whatever you can think of, they did it. And they recorded the entire experience for their channel.

Now, my daughter, who again at this time was only 3 years old, watched this same video every single day! To the point were she could recite the 17 minutes by heart of every word everyone said in that video. After several months of watching it, she decided to claim to the Universe that for her 4th birthday, she was going to Hawaii and staying at the Disney Aulani resort. She had no idea how it was going to happen. She didn’t know it took money to go, had no clue if we could even afford to go, but she knew without a shadow of a doubt that she was going to celebrate her fourth birthday in Hawaii and stay at that specific hotel.

As time went by and her birthday was approaching, my wife and I would ask her, “Honor, what do you want to do your birthday?” And her reply, every single time was, “I am going to Hawaii for my 4th birthday and I will stay at the Disney Aulani hotel.” And she said it with conviction every single time. My wife and I would try to tell her to be more practical as we knew a family trip to Hawaii was nowhere in our budget at the time. But Honor swore that no matter what, it was happening.

Honor continued to watch that same video every single day and she would say to us, “I can’t wait to ride this slide mommy”, as she would show us a scene with the kids riding a water slide at the hotel.

In early April 2017, one month from her birthday, I was at work and I received an email from our merchant provider about our reserve account. I completely forgot that when we created the account, a 20% reserve was required due to the high risk of our industry. Well, in this email, they were notifying me that the reserve had been met and all the funds that were deposited in that reserve account were now readily available to be withdrawn! Over $10K! I withdrew the money electronically and received it the very next day.

After telling my wife about the funds, we immediately thought to pay off bills and expenses to catch up with things, but as soon as I had that thought in my head, “Hawaii” screamed out louder in my head! And it hit me! My daughter manifested this money!

I told my wife right then and there, that I was booking our trip to Hawaii and we are staying at the Disney Aulani hotel and I wanted it to be a surprise for Honor. My wife was all for it, as she could’ve used a trip to Hawaii as well, given we just had our second child, Valor, one month prior to this in March 2017!

I booked the trip and a month later, we were getting on a plane to Hawaii, the first time for all four of us. My daughter had no clue but this was her first time on an airplane, so she was just thrilled to go. We take the 5 hour trip from San Diego to Hawaii and arrive and my daughter is blown away! The airport, everything, was exactly like what she saw in the video!

We picked up our rental and headed down the highway to the hotel. The greatest part of this story was that as we approached the hotel from the street area, my daughter screams in excitement when she recognized the hotel as “Disney Aulani!!” I had no clue what the hotel even looked like, nor did my wife, but Honor saw the hotel from the car and knew exactly where we were.

Everything she imagined came true! She was able to experience everything she saw in that video in real life because she imagined it in her mind first. And with declaration to the Universe, she turned 4 years old in Hawaii. We arrived on Monday, the 15th and her birthday was Wednesday, the 17th. She told me every single day that for her 4th birthday that she was going to Hawaii and staying at the Aulani hotel. It was never a question if she would go, nor was it ever a hope if she would go. She asked the Universe to have it for her 4th birthday. She believed she was already going and she received it.

It tears me up every single time I share this story with people because it’s proof that The Secret works for everyone, no matter your race or age. If my 3 year old can manifest a vacation that people can only dream of. You can manifest whatever it is that you dream of.

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