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$1350 Phone Bill Magically Reduced To $150!

Submitted by: beauitfulbeliever

North America

Living the life of my dreams with The Secret.


Hello Secret believers!! Speechless is the word for me right now. Today the Universe and God showed me that magic exists not only in fairytales but also in real life.

So recently I had gone overseas on a trip to visit family. When I got back a month after, I received my phone bill which turned out to be very high. My phone bill added up to $1350.00! I really didn’t know how it was so high. I am a student and definitely did not have that much money to pay for my bill and neither did my parents. I knew that if my parents found out I would get in a lot of trouble and possibly even lose my phone. I was really scared and nervous and didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t sleep a few nights and was trying to solve how I would pay this bill. I even took the bill and hid it in my room so my parents would not find out.

Recently I used The Secret to attract a lot of things. So one night I decided to put The Secret into play to help me with my phone bill. I wrote in my diary that $1000 had been reduced from my phone bill and that I would only have to pay $350. I sent gratitude for this every morning and prayed. Some days my fear crept in and I would go back to thinking negative thoughts. But I just believed and then let go. I did not think of it that much. Within 1 to 2 weeks nothing happened, but I still had faith. I prayed and asked the Universe and God to show me a way and continued to express gratitude.

One day my mom found out about my bill. I freaked out. I didn’t know what to say. My mom said she would call my phone company immediately and find out. In that moment nothing came to my mind except The Secret. I had no other way. I had to force myself to believe in the unseen. I had to believe.That minute I just began to pray. I prayed so deep within my heart. My parents told me if my phone bill was actually this high I would lose my phone. But I told them that the bill was just a mistake. I then said to myself that the phone company had just made a mistake in the bill. That my bill had “already” been paid. It was just an error in the system. Surprisingly in that moment I said I just had to pay $100 and the rest has been paid already.

My mom was talking on the phone to ask my balance and they said $1352 but I still didn’t lose hope. I knew that some miracle would take place. During that time I sent out only positive vibes. I didn’t stop praying and believing. I told myself that it would work. After all why wouldn’t it? The Universe and God were supporting me.

Within a half hour my mom told me that they had reduced my $1350 phone bill by $1200!!!!! They had just charged extra due to some roaming charges and guess what??!!!! I only had to pay $150!!!!

Wow!!!! Seriously, I still can’t believe it!!! Speechless is the word for me right now!! I am so happy! As soon as my mom told me I was crying with tears! A situation I thought was impossible was made possible! All thanks to the Universe, God and angels! They always have your back! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Ask, believe and receive!!! It is really that simple. I now believe that anything is possible. All you have got to do is believe, believe, believe!! I’m smiling as I write this story. I used to always get stuck in the ‘how’ and now I finally understand that it is not really our job to know how. Surrender and leave it to the Universe and God. Never give up! I am currently attracting my soulmate and now I believe we will get married. I love my life! It’s full of miracles!!

A special thank you to Rhonda Byrne and The Secret team! You have made my life truly magical. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!! Love to you!!

My next wish it to see this story get published on The Secret website or even as the story of the week. Live in magic everyone, without fear. Positive vibes only! It works!
Love to all.

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