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Live an extraordinary life and awaken your dreams!

The Secret to Teen Power explores the Law of Attraction from a teenager’s point of view.

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Imagination is the creative force of the Universe!

The Power of Henry’s Imagination is a picture story book exploring one of The Secret principles: visualization.

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The easiest, fastest way to lasting happiness is to practice gratitude.

Find the 28 most powerful gratitude practices in The Magic!

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The simple secret to having more money is believing you are already wealthy!

Every single time you use The Secret to Money App you are thinking and acting like you are wealthy NOW.

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Love everything around you, and the love MUST come back to you - a hundred fold!

The Power reveals the greatest force in the universe, and exactly how to use it - for better relationships and for everything you could ever want.

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Whatever dream you are dreaming, KNOW that the Universe wants you to succeed.

Hero lights the way for your dream - step-by-step through every challenge, hurdle, or set back - until it is realized.

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Great health comes from having great thoughts and FEELING great.

The Secret Daily Teachings provides a simple, inspiring way to keep your thoughts and feelings positive every single day of the year.

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Jul 13, 2019

Start With Little Things.

I want to thank The Secret team so much for everything they have done to share The Magic of the law of attraction with the world. I have known about The Secret for a couple […]

Jul 12, 2019

A Beautiful Life Is In The Eyes Of The Beholder.

I would like to begin this with thanks to Rhonda Byrne and to everyone who is a part of her amazing venture. Thanks to you all, I see the world through beautifully tainted, positive eyes, […]

Jul 12, 2019

The Secret Worked For Me!

First of all thanks for giving the knowledge of The Secret to us. I only just started reading The Secret a few days back but The Secret really worked well. My Friend also  introduced me to The Secret movie and […]

Jul 12, 2019

I Am Selected!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you to Rhonda Byrne and The Secret wonderful team. Thank you for sharing The Secret with all. This is my first story. I learned about The Secret just […]

Jul 12, 2019

Still Believing.

Hello all, I just wanted to give my experience with the LOA. I have been trying to manifest my ex girlfriend coming back to me. It has only been around 3 1/2 days. I found […]

Jul 12, 2019

Living Happily With The Love Of My Life.

First of all, my sincere thanks to the entire team of The Secret. I am so in love with my life now! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I got married to the man that […]

Jul 11, 2019

I Visualised And There It Was!

I had been using The Secret for more than a year and I understand how it works. Though there are many instances where The Secret has worked for me I decided on sharing this one. […]

Jul 11, 2019

I Became Speechless Each Time.

I am a great believer in The Secret and what I am able to achieve by following The Secret. Last year I started college and as I was paying for my tuition in the office, […]

Jul 11, 2019

Evolution Within.

It was winter of 2008, The media industry in Mumbai had a huge setback with labor laws and most of the TV shows at that time had to shut down abruptly. Soon followed a market […]

Jul 11, 2019

Matching Kitchen Wall Tiles.

I am undertaking a minor modification in the kitchen of my new house. It requires an extension of the kitchen platform and relocating the sink. We arranged for a mason and plumber, budgeted everything and […]

Jul 11, 2019

A Beautiful Smile.

I had just listened to The Secret and I remember feeling so uplifted and positive about it. Even while I was listening to the audiobook I experienced many instant manifestations. That was because listening to […]

Jul 11, 2019

I Finally Feel Beautiful!

This is my first time to share a story here, even though lots of amazing things started to happen to me after reading The Secret and watching The Secret movie!! First of all, I really […]

Jul 10, 2019

How I Got Rid Of My Skin Infection.

Hi! I am 32 years old and my name is Selina. I had been suffering with eczema for a while and then I learned about The Secret. So I believed it and I started following […]

Jul 10, 2019

The Secret Helped Me See The World.

Hi, my name is Manan and I want to share my story with all of you. It all started a few months back when some very unusual things were happening with my vision. I started […]

Jul 10, 2019

The Spot Is Mine.

The Secret book was recommended to me by my high school friend. So at that time, I was wondering if this book really works or not. So when I drove into a mall in our […]

Jul 10, 2019

I Believe.

When I was a teenager, I often tried to hide myself from every one and not show myself to the Universe as I was, indeed. I always had these words in my mind: “You are […]

Jul 10, 2019

Instant Job Continued.

Thank you to everyone who shares their inspirational stories which provide me with the patience, tips, tricks and love I need to keep believing. Thank you to The Secret team. May Magic Dust rain on you […]

Jul 9, 2019


Thank you, thank you, thank you so much to the people who keep sharing their stories that keep inspiring us. I am also thankful to God, the Universe and the wonderful Rhonda Byrne for sharing […]

Jul 9, 2019

Manifested The Impossible.

First, thank you so much to The Secret and to Rhonda Bryne. I believe I will manifest whatever I ask for. For years I dreamed to grow taller but I did not really believe it […]

Jul 9, 2019

A Dot In My Universe!

This is the third story that I have submitted here. I remember when I was reading the The Power, I decided to draw a circle and put a dot in it. This was a graphic […]