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Feb 27, 2017

Pune Ernakulam Via Panvel Superfast Express Train.

The Indian Railway Ministry started the Pune Ernakulam (via Panvel) Superfast Express train no. 22149/22150 on Oct. 2010. They had not provided a halt for this train at Karwar, which is a district headquarter. There […]

Feb 26, 2017

Leaping From One High Paid Job To Another.

It is true that the Universe listens to what you strongly think about, talk about or what you visualize. Constantly running the images in your mind of your boss giving you the offer you wanted, […]

Feb 23, 2017

I Got The Best Summer Internship!

I was never good academically. All my colleagues at my college had extremely high marks compared to mine so I used to feel that I would not get a good summer internship offer. I used to […]

Feb 22, 2017

Achieving My Dream Job.

I was working at the Apparel sector when I first read “The Secret”. I watched a Hindi movie one day and the heroine was highly optimistic. She carried this book called “The Secret” everywhere she […]

Feb 22, 2017

The Secret Gives You Everything You Want!

Firstly, Thank you Rhonda and everyone who brought The Secret out to the world. I have manifested clearing the toughest exams, finding the best internship and marrying the love of my life using The Secret. All […]

Feb 21, 2017

Meeting Favourite Stars.

I know it sounds very simple but it is definitely not as it seems. As a teenager I had the biggest dream of meeting my favourite bollywood actor. I had no idea and no plan […]

Feb 16, 2017

LOA Works!

I was introduced to The Secret by my mom years ago, when I was going through troubled times in my marriage. It took some time for me to accept the teachings and start to apply […]

Feb 15, 2017

Never Give Up On Believing.

Thank you Rhonda for sharing The Secret with us and thank you to the Universe for making my dream come to fly to the USA. For months I had been having a continuous battle to […]

Feb 15, 2017

My Wedding Day Dream Comes To Life.

Over a year ago, I knew my fiance was working up the nerve to ask me to marry him. By this time we were together six  years and he was nervous about proposing at the […]

Feb 13, 2017

That Girl In The Traffic Jam.

It almost gave me goosebumps when I started contemplating about an experience after I came home from work today! A year ago I was in India driving my Fiat Punto, listening to great songs and stuck […]

Feb 12, 2017

My Ideal Weight, Finally!

First off, I want to thank Rhonda and her team for introducing me to The Secret! I had discovered the LOA way back in May 2014 when my life was really at rock bottom. My […]

Feb 11, 2017

New Beginnings.

Back in 2011, my husband and I submitted an application for my husband’s residency. Due to financial circumstances, I kept delaying the process. We were told that he would have to leave the country a […]

Feb 7, 2017

You Get It From An Unbelievable Source!!!

First of all I would like thank to Rhonda ma’am for writing such an amazing book and sharing such important information to the world. After I read all the 3 books, The Secret, The Magic […]

Feb 7, 2017

The Law Of Attraction Is Magical!

I started using The Secret about 7 years ago. I had broken up with my boyfriend after finding him cheating on me. I lost my job through ill health and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and […]

Feb 6, 2017

Grateful Bob.

In 2008, I was on top of my world. I owned a small business with 90 employees, 60 trucks and my company was grossing $5 million a year. By late 2009, my company had lost […]

Feb 6, 2017

Black Suede Boots.

For the past 3 years all I have ever wanted, shoes wise, were a pair of over the knee, black suede boots. While scrolling through the Instagram feed, I came across a pair of over […]

Feb 6, 2017

Visualization Works!

I had always dreamed of going to school in the UK but I could not see how to make it happen as I did not have the qualifications or the money. I read The Secret […]

Feb 5, 2017

Manifesting My Dream Results.

Hey everyone I am Priya from India. I came across The Secret a few years back, it fascinated me but I never gave a try to it back then. My using The Secret begins two […]

Feb 5, 2017

The Power And The Power Within Me.

First I would like to say, life is indeed wonderful, full of love and surprises. Before I begin my story, I want to say thank you to Rhonda and to all the contributors of The Secret. […]

Feb 4, 2017

Anything Is Possible If You Believe.

I worked at a nail salon for 16 years and my boss was not a nice man. Every time he came back from gambling, if he lost he would take it out on us. One […]

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