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Jan 21, 2017

You Can Change Your Life Story.

I grew up in Kenya, in different cities because of school and my parents’ separation. There was so much depression and sadness around me for a long time. Deep inside me though, I had always […]

Jan 21, 2017

It Worked Little One! It Worked!

On May 12th 2016 I wrote the following letter to Rhonda Byrne and The Secret website and swore that if it worked I would submit it to the Stories section. It worked! “Thank you thank you […]

Jan 19, 2017

The Secret, The Magic and The Power Got Me The New Job.

My name is Ravi Iyer. I had worked for the same employer for the past 16 years. I had done various jobs for them and had enjoyed working for them but I was no longer […]

Jan 19, 2017

Dream Job Finally!

I had been making my sincere attempts to get employed after my studies. Even after sending out over 100 applications to various organizations, I was still in the same situation. Time was running out and […]

Jan 17, 2017

The Orange Futon.

The Orange Futon This manifesting story is also related to the house that I bought. Even before I had found a house, I knew that I wanted to turn one of my bedrooms into a library. […]

Jan 16, 2017

Wow, I Can’t Believe How Effective The Secret is!

Thank you so much Rhonda for sharing this amazing book and DVD The Secret with the world and bringing optimism and happiness into my life and the lives of countless people around the world. In […]

Jan 16, 2017

Thanks To The Universe.

I was in a stage of my life that I was starting to wonder where on earth my life was going. I had a young daughter and a baby boy to look after on my […]

Jan 15, 2017

I Believe.

Only a few months ago my friends suggested to me that I watch The Secret documentary. I was very inspired and motivated. I started recalling experiences in my life that made me say; “Yes, it […]

Jan 14, 2017

LOA Worked For Me Perfectly.

First of all, I would like to thank Rhonda Byrne and The Secret team so much for sharing The Secret with the world. I can not thank you enough. I am not really good when it […]

Jan 13, 2017

I Am Eligible!!

I always wanted to join and serve my country but I was never eligible to apply as an officer in the army. This made me feel low about myself. I lost confidence in myself and […]

Jan 13, 2017

I Believed.

The Secret has been life changing for me. My every thought and action is ingrained with the power of belief and power of visualization. Here I want to share a story of how it has […]

Jan 12, 2017

Guitar Manifestation Story.

I was introduced to The Secret by my sister 5 years ago. I watched the movie and read the book but was unable to manifest something big that would will retain my faith in it. […]

Jan 12, 2017

Universe I Am.

I don’t believe in anything until I try it on myself. I saw The Secret and decided to try it. I started a Vision Board and I also acted as if my desires were already […]

Jan 11, 2017

My Delivery.

Thank you , thank you, thank you! These are the magical words that I totally owe my life to. I am very grateful and thankful that I applied The Secret in my life and in […]

Jan 11, 2017

Don’t Give Up!

So here’s my story. My cousin had first introduced The Secret to me in January 2015. I was excited to use the methods, particularly to try and get myself a specific job. The Secret certainly […]

Jan 11, 2017

From The Streets To The Elite!

When I was 17 I found out what my passion is, boxing. I started training but I never really believed that I could make a job out of it, I did it for fun. Then […]

Jan 10, 2017

Ask Once And Let It Go!!!

I want to share a beautiful experience of the LOA here that happened to me yesterday!! I was going through a rough phase for the past few months. I was looking for job in a […]

Jan 9, 2017

Concert Tickets!

First of all, a huge thanks to Rhonda and the whole team of The Secret, you deserve all the best in life! Last week my favourite band announced their world tour for next year and today […]

Jan 7, 2017

Asked The Universe For Signs, And Got Exactly The Signs That I Asked For.

First and foremost thanks to Rhonda for revealing The Secret to the entire world. It has truly changed my life completely. Ok here goes: I have always wanted a child since I was 14 years old, […]

Jan 7, 2017

My World Of Change.

I came across this book, The Secret, from a friend and ordered it from Amazon. Back then life was full of struggle. I started chapter by chapter. First l noticed that l was looking much […]

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