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Jun 22, 2017

Australia Came To Me.

A big thank you to all The Secret experiencing people across the globe. Your stories have made me an optimistic person. Each and every story touches my soul and I literally feel as if it […]

Jun 21, 2017

Your Dream Life.

God bless you guys! I’m so grateful for this invaluable knowledge of The Secret. I’d like to share my poem with you, because you are the ones who are imbued with this idea. Your dream is […]

Jun 21, 2017

Money In A Day!

Hey friends, I was introduced to The Secret when I just started high school, however I never really understood it till last year and I was blown away. I met my one of my best […]

Jun 19, 2017

Worked From Day One!

I’ve always been a happy guy. I have a great family, I have amazing friends, I go to a good school and I always got good grades. However, I was never too confident of myself […]

Jun 18, 2017

Attracted Him Then Attracted Him Back!

In December 2015 I made a list of qualities I wanted my new boyfriend to have. Since I knew The Secret I thought it was a good idea to make that list to start with. […]

Jun 16, 2017

The Secret Revealed.

My teacher recommended I read ‘The Secret’. I am not a person who actually likes to read, but I still went ahead and brought the book home. The logo and the name interested me so […]

Jun 15, 2017

Happiness Within!

I have known The Secret since 2009, and since then life has been magnificent. I felt peace inside that everything will be good and was grateful for everything and anything. I can’t tell you how […]

Jun 13, 2017

How I Became The School Topper.

It was a do or die situation. I left my boarding school in the city and came back to my town so that I could focus better on my studies against my parent’s wish. It turned […]

Jun 13, 2017

Professional Medium.

I am 35 years old I have a daughter that is 9 years old. I had a rough life before before I learned about The Secret. Now I work as a Professional Medium and I attracted […]

Jun 12, 2017

Got My Perfect Weight!!!

Hi everyone!  First of all I want to thank Rhonda and her team for writing the book and share The Secret with the world. It changed my life! I discovered The Secret for the first time […]

Jun 11, 2017

Visualization For My Safe Pregnancy.

I was introduced to the book The Secret through my sister. She gifted me this book. When I began to read it I realized I have been using the process of visualization from a long […]

Jun 8, 2017

Me And The Universe.

I am some one who has always kept swinging between joy and despair. I have let sadness and pain engulf me and I have let joy and gratitude show me the light from time to […]

Jun 8, 2017

Cancer Love?

Going back to 2011 I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer at the age of 27. I was told I had 60/40 chance to survive and reading your own prognosis is devastating to say the […]

Jun 6, 2017

A Dream Like No Other.

Have you ever thought that you could change things, things about you, about your life? I thought so and thus began a great journey. The journey started in 2003. As a young girl, I was […]

Jun 4, 2017

Love Of My Life.

Thanks a lot to the Universe, thanks a lot! I am from a very strict family where love is a sin. But as soon as I started practicing The Secret everything fell into place. My […]

May 31, 2017

Got A Job In A Week!

I was the supervisor in large organization and I was not feeling well to work over there so I quit that job. I applied everywhere and I gave a couple of interviews but no answer […]

May 29, 2017

My Precise Grand Manifestation.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you to Rhonda Byrne for bringing this amazing knowledge of the LOA to us. I am a religious follower of your books and I live by their teachings. And thank […]

May 28, 2017

Manifested My New Job!!

Well, by the title you can pretty much say that I have a new job!! First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you Rhonda Byrne for writing these amazing books that are changing so […]

May 28, 2017

Wedding Bells.

I have The Secret on audio and listened to it in my car last week. I made a vision board of my fiance and of 2 checks I would like to hold in my hand. […]

May 27, 2017

Proof In My Hands.

Hello, I have come share an experience that I had recently with The Secret. The past month I started my journey seeking to know more about The Secret. I was serious and bought all the […]

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