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Jan 20, 2017

Faith Is The Most Powerful Manifestor!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for being introduced to The Secret and to The Magic of the Universe! Ask and you shall receive is an absolute fact. If there is any limitation, it is […]

Jan 20, 2017

Cleared Exams!!!

Hello Everyone, This is my first success story on this platform. First and foremost, I would like to thank Rhonda and her team of The Secret for their great gift to this world. I got […]

Jan 19, 2017

How I Used Visualization And Gratitude To Recover My Mobile Phone And Contacts.

I had been using the Magic techniques very often and had succeeded many times. I have also watched The Secret movie and I believe in all those teachings. Recently my mobile phone dropped from my […]

Jan 19, 2017

Dream Job Finally!

I had been making my sincere attempts to get employed after my studies. Even after sending out over 100 applications to various organizations, I was still in the same situation. Time was running out and […]

Jan 19, 2017

Amazing Birthday Gift!

On my birthday, I took a flight to Singapore to meet my boyfriend. I was reading the Duty Free Magazine on the plane when suddenly I saw a Pandora charm set. Pandora charms represents good […]

Jan 18, 2017

Positive Prayers Worked!

It has been a year since our family had been going through rough times due to a huge loss in business. But despite all the hardships and failures, I began to thank the Universe and […]

Jan 18, 2017

Kitchen Queen: From Nothing To Expert.

Hey all, I am here to share another success story with you all. Let me begin by thanking Rhonda and the entire team of The Secret for bringing smiles to many a happy souls in […]

Jan 18, 2017

New Job.

I just accepted a new job last week. It was in a location that I really did not prefer to be, but nonetheless I was excited that I got the offer. I had been applying […]

Jan 17, 2017

The Love Of My Life Came Back.

I am here to first say thank you Rhonda and thank you, thank you, thank you Universe!!! This is definitely a story I have been waiting to post, I just had to wait for the Universe […]

Jan 16, 2017

Manifesting My Job.

I just moved to Los Angeles almost 11 months ago and nothing was really going right. I went from being on my own since I was 18 to moving back in with family to following […]

Jan 16, 2017

Series Of Successes.

Hello everyone, I am back with yet another success story. This is a super fast manifestation of some of my wishes. Let me begin by thanking Rhonda and her entire team of The Secret for […]

Jan 15, 2017

I Believe.

Only a few months ago my friends suggested to me that I watch The Secret documentary. I was very inspired and motivated. I started recalling experiences in my life that made me say; “Yes, it […]

Jan 15, 2017

I Laugh Everytime I Read My Job List, The Secret Is Magical!

I hated my old company though my job was decent. I’m sure my seniors and Manager had good heart but they were horrible, unprofessional and cheap. I was so desperate to leave but not without […]

Jan 13, 2017

I Am Eligible!!

I always wanted to join and serve my country but I was never eligible to apply as an officer in the army. This made me feel low about myself. I lost confidence in myself and […]

Jan 13, 2017

I Believed.

The Secret has been life changing for me. My every thought and action is ingrained with the power of belief and power of visualization. Here I want to share a story of how it has […]

Jan 12, 2017

I Like Motorcycles And Found The Perfect Guy.

I listened to The Secret and The Power audiobooks so many times that I have them memorized. The book talks about imagining the qualities you want in a perfect partner. By listing to the traits, […]

Jan 11, 2017

Don’t Give Up!

So here’s my story. My cousin had first introduced The Secret to me in January 2015. I was excited to use the methods, particularly to try and get myself a specific job. The Secret certainly […]

Jan 10, 2017

Saw The Shooting Star I Wished For.

A few weeks ago I had the desire to see a shooting star. It was one of the “small” things I wanted to attract. Then I completely forgot about it. Here in Portugal they are […]

Jan 9, 2017

Concert Tickets!

First of all, a huge thanks to Rhonda and the whole team of The Secret, you deserve all the best in life! Last week my favourite band announced their world tour for next year and today […]

Jan 9, 2017

He Came Back To Me!!

A big thank you to Rhonda and her team for sharing The Secret to the world. Now it is my turn to endorse that The Secret absolutely works! I fell in love with a very handsome, […]

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