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Feb 27, 2017

Pune Ernakulam Via Panvel Superfast Express Train.

The Indian Railway Ministry started the Pune Ernakulam (via Panvel) Superfast Express train no. 22149/22150 on Oct. 2010. They had not provided a halt for this train at Karwar, which is a district headquarter. There […]

Feb 26, 2017

Leaping From One High Paid Job To Another.

It is true that the Universe listens to what you strongly think about, talk about or what you visualize. Constantly running the images in your mind of your boss giving you the offer you wanted, […]

Feb 24, 2017

Magical Universe.

First of all I am really thankful to the writer of the book, The Secret. My story begins about 4 months ago when I was in my aunt’s house feeling bored. I then saw a […]

Feb 20, 2017

The Birthday Gift I Attracted!!!

Hi! Firstly thank you to Rhonda Byrne for The Secret. I have so much to share. It actually had watched the movie of ‘The Secret’ which I saw in 2014. At that time it was […]

Feb 18, 2017


Hi! I have been waiting for this day when I can finally post my own story. Thanks to Rhonda mam and the team of The Secret. I am housewife and I started giving my private […]

Feb 13, 2017

I Owe This Story To You.

Like many of the people who have written their story here, I was living “The Secret” without knowing it. I was introduced to The Secret by one of my friends and it just ticked something […]

Feb 4, 2017

Anything Is Possible If You Believe.

I worked at a nail salon for 16 years and my boss was not a nice man. Every time he came back from gambling, if he lost he would take it out on us. One […]

Feb 2, 2017

Life Is As Sweet As A Box Of Cupcakes.

Hi all, This is my second story here and ever since I have started using The Secret, The Power and The Magic in my life, my life has transformed magically. I love baking and am […]

Jan 30, 2017

Visualization And Declaration Behind The Manifestation.

I came across book The Secret in 2007 and after that it became my way of life. The Secret changed my life in multiple ways in each area of life, like finance, health, relationships, etc. […]

Jan 12, 2017

Double Blessings, Gratitude Works.

In November 2014 I discovered The Secret. I was going through terrible financial times, was in a physically abusive relationship and I hated my job. I read The Secret and quickly followed it up with […]

Jan 7, 2017

My World Of Change.

I came across this book, The Secret, from a friend and ordered it from Amazon. Back then life was full of struggle. I started chapter by chapter. First l noticed that l was looking much […]

Jan 3, 2017

Lost And Found.

I am a complicated person with learning difficulties and too many opinions that often offend people. Last year I hit an all time low and I did not recognise myself . I did not love, […]

Dec 26, 2016

I Still Remember The Day I Prayed For Everything I Have Now.

2010 was the very first time I knew about The Secret. A friend gave me a copy of The Secret film. At that time my life was a mess. The guy I loved left me after […]

Dec 26, 2016

Goodbye To Depression And Anxiety And Hello To Love And Abundance!

I had been struggling with anxiety and depression for a couple of years. During this time I had two babies 11 months apart and just found out my mother had Alzheimer’s disease. My fiance and […]

Dec 19, 2016

The Secret Changed My Life!

Eighteen months ago I was in a minimum wage part time job. I have 2 children and my husband is in the Navy. I read the book The Secret and started to focus on what […]

Dec 13, 2016

Gratitude Plus The Universal Check.

I had been wanting to start on reading and doing the 28 days of The Magic practices for the longest time. Then recently in March, I did not know it at first but I found […]

Dec 12, 2016

I Found The Secret, Lost It And Now I Have It Again.

When I was starting an NGO in Uganda, I landed on the “The Secret”. I learnt the tenets of The Secret and went about practicing what I had learned. In a short while, life started […]

Dec 2, 2016

When My Life Got Changed.

First of all, I am grateful for my girlfriend (17) who showed me the book. Her family has also been supporting me and helping me to be positive. The most important thing is my family who I […]

Nov 28, 2016

I Found My Inner Self And Got Everything I Ever Wanted!

The Secret is Great!! I have had a lot of amazing changes in my life since using The Secret, but I’m going to tell the one that seriously got to me. So on April 6th […]

Nov 15, 2016

New Job!

In my field of work, it’s very uncommon and untraditional to not sign your contract, even if you’re looking for different work. I tried to find a job last year after I signed a contract […]

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