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Coincidence, I Think Not

By Eve C.
from Honolulu, HI

Not the most amazing life changing story, but proof that the LOA works.

I had purchased a shower caddy because it was a good deal and I loved the quality of it. When my hubby and I put it together, the plastic clip broke off from one of the tray frames. I emailed customer service for a replacement and told them that I only needed the frame, as the tray was still OK.

I waited for a couple of weeks. Just the other day, my co-worker who bought the same caddy asked me how I put mine together because she had purchased one too. I had forgotten that I was still waiting on the replacement.

After work the same day I got home and tried to remove the tray from the frame and accidentally cracked the tray. I thought, "Oh jeez, now I'm going to have to ask for a replacement for the tray. Who knows how long that will take"?

Later that afternoon, my husband called me saying our building security had a package for me. It was from the company I had bought my caddy from. I opened up the box and I was pleasantly surprised. They had sent me the whole set! I was absolutely thrilled! Without a doubt I knew it was the law of attraction. Although I saw the security log book, and it had shown that it came in a week prior.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! To Rhonda and everyone involved in sharing the Law of Attraction.


About Eve C. from Honolulu, HI:

36 Year Old who is now living and loving everyday

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