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Won Rs 15000 In An Event

By amith.gauji@gmail.com
from mumbai

On Feb 22, 2013 I won Rs 15000 as prize money.

Our company conducted an event where all individuals were voluntarily invited to participate in the event and there were three prizes 15000,10000, and 5000.

I had 20 days to prepare and practice but due to official hours it was difficult to practice daily. I put up a picture of Jim Carrey holding a trophy and I started visualizing about my winning moments. I believed that I won the first prize and never felt about loosing, it was an unbelievable moment for me. That 15000 was very crucial for me, I became the superstar on that day, danced and made them laugh on every single line I said.

I saw the video of The Secret movie many times, and after seeing it many times I understood the concept of it. You have believe your dreams! The Secret really works.

About amith.gauji@gmail.com from mumbai:

Sales Manager at Volkswagen finance, age 28 yrs.

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