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He made me promise never to let go. I never did, even when he forgot about the promise

By Believer
from India

I never imagined that a miracle such as this would ever take place. Barely two months ago, I was ready to let go and move on, when I heard he was getting engaged to another girl. But thank god for The Secret and the intuition that I felt.

I watched The Secret day in and day out, and although things were happening around me that would have completely broken any other person down, I stayed strong. It was effortless. I knew in my heart that I had absolutely nothing to worry about. And if, for a brief second I forgot, I immediately listened to Esther Hicks on my iPod or watched The Secret Film. I might've watched it over 20 times in the last two weeks. It makes my whole day go by so wonderfully. I feel at peace with myself and I have ingrained it so beautifully into my life now, that I don't even want to highlight the problems. I would simply like to share my story with anyone who feels like The Secret might work, but not against so many odds. It absolutely worked for me and it continues to do so every single day.

After the amazing relationship that Shariq and I shared for three years and nine months, we still felt so strongly about the each other. The good always seemed to overpower the bad times. The chemistry, the love, the passion, it had only gotten better with every year. I knew, I always did, that Shariq and I are soul mates and are meant to be together. We are meant to marry each other. We are meant to have a happy, easy, joyous and long life together. I feel wonderful and so blessed that the faith I kept in my heart and power of our love has paid off.

He called me just a week after I stopped trying to talk to him and keep in touch with him. I was so sure that even if he was getting engaged to another girl, his heart was still with me and I was right. He told me that he couldn't imagine staying without me anymore. He said he misses my voice and he loves me too much to be with anyone else.

He called off his engagement with the other girl. He stood up to his parents and convinced them that I was the only one for him. It's a miracle! His entire family is now on board, they love me. I'm practically a part of their family now. Our situation took a complete 180 degree turn. His family even bought us our own apartment and it's absolutely gorgeous. We are moving in together after OUR engagement in July. Our whole family will be there smiling and celebrating with us!

Sometimes I still stare at him in amazement because I can't help but be overwhelmed at how deep my faith was, and how beautifully it stayed loyal to me, against some pretty concrete obstacles. I just blissfully ignored the reality that was and every day I used The Secret, it became that much easier. I was careful with how I spoke to him, myself, to the universe and everyone around me. I never doubted myself and the power of The Secret, nothing could bring me down. As a result I even excelled at college, my outlook was so positive it cheered everyone up. I stopped smoking pot even though I wasn't a heavy smoker and only did it recreationally, I gave up depending on alcohol. I only cry out of joy now and nothing else.

Thank you for making all of this so easy. It was effortless and so wonderful. My life is a fairytale. I am witnessing the biggest miracle of all, every day of my life and I stand in awe of it. Thank you Universe for doing this so beautifully, miraculously and effortlessly. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Much love to everyone out there. And I thank all of you who have posted your stories. They are an amazing gift and they were one of the reasons it was so easy for me to stay strong.

Thank you for reading.

About Believer from India:

I'm me and I'm so proud of that!

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