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By Elaine Sutton
from Long Island NY

I had been working in drug retail (CVS) since I got out of college. I figured it paid the bills, but there was always this lingering feeling like I should be using my degree and that this wasn't where I was meant to be. I wanted to work in art, but everyone said it was a bad economy and I should just be glad I had a job.

I started watching things about quantum physics and I watched The Secret a week ago today. I figured I had tried negativity and that didn't seem to work, so what harm could 'positive being' have. That day I started being the emotions I wanted to receive, paying attention to my mood and what my negative thoughts were and changing them. I envisioned how I would feel when I obtained all my dreams.

The day was going great until the very end, all three of my managers ganged up on me and wrote me up for petty crap. I realized, why am I taking this for a job I don't even want. I quit. That night I drew pictures of the future I wanted including one of me working at an art gallery and hung it below my tv.

I am pleased to say that even though there were still things, I had to change. Negativity I had to overcome. I had to postpone jury duty, start to move back home, and deal with my mother's completely negative attitude to my quitting etc. One week later, I have achieved the first part of my 'I am so happy and grateful' list - now I work in a gallery in Manhattan... it's an internship in Soho. Thank you.

About Elaine Sutton from Long Island NY:

I love art, and I graduated college in '06 with a degree in Media Society and the Arts.

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