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How I Turned The "Bad" Into "Good"......!!

from Vancouver, BC

A year and a half ago I was fired. I felt like my life was so unfair.... I didn't really do anything to deserve the loss of my job, and right before Christmas!!! I felt like I had been treated unjustly and that the universe didn't care about me or my family. I was also stuck in a horrible relationship with a man who made me cry everyday. I felt so sad and pathetic. I walked around with a hunch, I stumbled and fell a lot, I kept thinking to myself...why me? I don't want this, I don't want my life to be like this. Everyday I'd think, I don't want to feel bad any more, I don't want the debt, I don't want the stress.....and each day I felt bad, I found debt and I was stressed!!!

One day, I rented a movie, to keep myself distracted from my unhappiness and lack of fulfillment. The movie I had picked out was called, The Secret. That night changed my life forever.

I started waking up and turning my thoughts around. I went from thinking about what I didn't want and focused on what I did want. If I didn't want to feel bad...I focused on feeling GOOD!!! If I didn't want the debt, I thought about a pile of MONEY!!! If I was worried about the lack in food I would think about ABUNDANCE!!! Eventually, I began to feel better...much better! My posture changed, I stopped tripping myself up, I even met people who were nicer to me. I started jotting things down in my little note book, ideas that came to my head or just the things I was thankful for!! Thank you for my children, thank you for the air that we breath, thank you for this life etc.

The only thing that was still negative in my life was my boyfriend at the time. It seemed like it wasn't enough to wish happiness in myself. He was always there to test me, tell me I was less than worthy and attempted to bring me down. Needless to say, things didn't work out between me and him. And during that time, I continued to work my magic. I looked at our surroundings and started to design in my mind what I wanted our life to be like, me and my children. I envisioned us living in a large house, with a big fenced back yard, a garden I can work in, an affordable rent and non evasive landlords.

A month later, my grandparent's called to say they bought a smaller house and wanted to know if the kids and I wanted to move into their old house. It was big, had a fenced back yard, a garden to work in, I was offered low rent and well, they are my grandparents, best landlords a single mother could ask for!!! Wow!! It worked!!!

A couple months later, after we settled down, I watched The Secret again.... and discovered more tools I could be using. So I started on what I call a "wish board". I placed pictures and articles up there that I could read and look at everyday to help me visualize my wishes to make them come true. I'd live everything on that board in my mind, like it was already mine! I then sat down and wrote onto paper my ideal man. What I wanted in my next relationship, how I wanted to feel and make him feel. All my desires... Everyday I'd read it and go through the emotions. I have to say, it was a lot of fun!!

A few short weeks later, I joined an online dating site, just to pass the time. The very first man I spoke to I liked. We agreed to meet.... That day was the first day of our relationship. He had every quality in the man I asked for. Our relationship blossomed in such an amazing way. I looked back at the paper I wrote, even showed it to him. We both stood smiling at it. There were parallels to everything in our relationship to everything on that paper. Wow!!! It worked again!!!!!

Now I am digging deeper, how far down the rabbit hole can I go!?! I printed off the computer a picture of my dream car. My sister and I would drive my beat up van and smile about how beautiful my new car is!! The trick was to live like it was already mine and I was already driving it! I went car shopping with my mom and magically, as if handed to me on a platter, found the car I had on my wish board. It was in the most unlikely of places, and yet...there it was!

Ok where is that wish board....Right now I am working on my dream career!! Yahoo!!

A year ago, I was in a hole....I saw no end to my unhappy lifestyle and consistently put negative energy out into the universe. And everyday I asked, why was there so many negative things happening to me. I lived in a house I didn't want, had a boyfriend who didn't respect me and sat in a pile of debt. Now I am the happiest I have ever been!!! I apply "The Secret" into my daily life and share it with the people around me.

I looked at everything that was negative in my life and found the POSITIVE!!!

I hope that this story will help to inspire some of you!! The law of attraction is alway working, always moving, always answering to our wishes.....what you want is always within reach!!

How will you turn your bad into good.....?


About TJ from Vancouver, BC:

I am a mother of two and also supporting my 16 year old sister. I am involved in volunteer work and acting. I am currently working toward becoming a personal trainer and motivational speaker.

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