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The Law of Attraction

By Nehemiah Anderson III
from Chester VA

Hello Optimist!

I recently obtained The Secret on Audio, and I am applying the Laws of Attraction everyday; which I was doing but wasn't aware of it. I always get the same parking space 99% of the time, and would always get money right when I needed it.

Any way to get to the point, I woke up this morning and said, "I wanted to get some money from an unknown source." I went to work expecting this money. I got to work, and one of my co-workers gave me a Million Dollar Bill; I thanked him, my emotions were on over drive, because I wanted to receive some money from an unknown source and received it. The universe gave me what I wanted.

I learned a powerful lesson from this experience. Now I Get It! What? Be more specific. I should have asked for, "A large sum of Money so I can pay all of my bills and get out of Dept, and go on to live a life of good health, long life and prosperity."

Blessings' & Honors'
Nehemiah Anderson III

This is the first day of the rest of your life, start it with thoughts of Joy and Confidence. Avoid the saddest words any human can say--- "Only If I could go back and do that over again" Remember "No one can undo the mistakes of the past, but you can have victory, by creatively avoiding them."


About Nehemiah Anderson III from Chester VA:

I a Adminstrative Specialist living in Virginia

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