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The immediate results of the power of visualization

By Prada
from Philadelphia, PA

I have been fascinated by and started believing in law of attraction for the past nine years. Everybody has their ups and downs. I've had my share too, but through it all, I have kept hope and optimism alive by LOA, and have knowingly and unknowingly reaped the results of using the principles of LOA - gratitude, visualization, and positive thinking.

This is my first time posting my experience; I am compelled to write about it immediately because I was in awe of how powerful and quick the power of visualization is.

I have been searching for more than five weeks for two books I misplaced in the house. One was a diary with more than twenty passwords, and the second one was this workbook on actualization which I worked half way through. It's a three-level big house with kids, and God knows it could be anywhere. I was tired of searching and gave up on it.

This morning as a last resort I thought I would give a try at visualization. So I sat on the floor in the living room on this beautiful summer day, closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and started feeling gratitude for everything I have. A sense of happiness dawned over me, and I could feel myself smiling. Then I started to visualize the two books, one with the blue cover and the diary with red leather. I visualized me holding them and saying, "Aha, I found them finally, now I can work on them." I did this three or four times in my mind and told myself with conviction, "Now I am going to open my eyes and know exactly where the books are, and I am going to go and hold them." And I opened my eyes, opened the cabinet right in front of me, but didn't find them. I didn't react, and went to the next stop - a small ottoman which my daughter uses, opened the top, and there they were, both of them together. I held them and tears started rolling as I got confirmation right there that there is a power listening to our thoughts and responding to our conviction, faith, and visualization.

I had manifested things before, but not in less than five minutes time. It is truly said in the book The Secret that we give limitations of time for the universe to manifest something. Before I visualized, I felt a sense of gratitude and happiness, and, moreover, I kind of took it as a guarantee that I would manifest the books NOW. I think these factors helped me manifest them within less than five minutes.

After this experience, I feel confident and happy that I am on my way to making my dreams come true. Thank you to the Law of attraction promoters, believers, and sustainers.

About Prada from Philadelphia, PA:

I am a woman who believes in a higher power, who wants to better herself always - spiritually, emotionally, academically, socially, and financially - and for whom happiness is the ultimate goal.

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