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My bundle of joy

By Glenrose N
from South Africa

When I got married I fell pregnant on the first month. I was happy but two months down the line I experienced some complications. I went to a doctor and he gave me two weeks of bed rest. He said, "There was no water around the baby." After two weeks I went to the doctor again and he told me straight in the eye that there is no hope for the baby and no way to save it. I was so hurt. I remembered browsing my nephew's book titled The Secret. I searched for it and read it.

I prayed day and night and kept telling myself "My baby will live my baby is in perfect health". Things began to improve but then again bleeding started. I was confused and the doctor checked if my cervix was opening but it wasn't. He said, "Very soon the baby will come out". And refused to give me days off work saying the baby will die anyway. I kept on the positive thoughts and being grateful.

On the next appointment his story changed and today I"m holding a healthy baby boy in my arms. The doctor didn"t know how to look at me in my eye after all the negative things he had said.

Thank you for The Secret.

About Glenrose N from South Africa:

I'm happily married and have a beautiful baby boy.

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