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The Secret Daily Teachings Mobile App Support

This page is for Technical support and feedback for The Secret Daily Teachings Mobile App only.

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Many user questions related to the Daily Teachings Mobile App can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

Should you have any other feedback, please use the Feedback form below.

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We welcome and appreciate any comments or feedback submitted to us regarding the Mobile App. If you would like to leave feedback or notify us of a technical issue, please do so using the form below. Please note, submissions are not individually answered or responded to.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of commonly asked questions regarding the Daily Teachings Mobile App.

Please look through the list of questions, and select the question that best suits your enquiry and you will be taken to the answer.

Installation & Syncing
How do I install the Daily Teachings app?
I have installed the app, but I cannot see the icon.
I accidentally deleted the app from my device, how do I restore it?
How do I change the starting date?
How do I get more Daily Teachings passages?
How do I get updates for the app?
How do I gift the Daily Teachings app to a friend?

User Interface
How do I navigate through the days?
How do I view text that is longer than the screen?
How do I return to the current day?
How do access the App Settings?
How do I view and hide menus?
How do I change the text size?
How do I view a random Teaching?
How do I turn off shake randomization?

Features and Menus
Can I share a Daily Teachings passage?
How do I email a friend a Teachings passage?
Can I post a Daily Teachings passage to Twitter or Facebook?
How do I search for a keyword?
How do I bookmark a favorite Teaching?
How do I view my bookmarks?
How do I edit/delete bookmarks?
How do I access The Secret website?
How do I set an alarm to remind me to view my Daily Teachings?
How do I cancel an alarm?

How do I view the copyright information?
How do I get more Daily Teachings passages?
How do I contact support?

I wish to contact The Secret and share my experiences, where do I go?
How do I learn more about The Secret and its principles?
Where can I join with others to discuss The Secret?